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Dead Friends on Facebook

I wrote a little about this at The Debris Field, but there is something kind of spooky going on with my dead friends and Facebook.

A friend of mine, Robert, passed away about two weeks ago. I had known Robert since I first started writing for BoA (is that really nearing 6 years?), in fact, I met him on the BoA forum. We emailed several times a week.

Those of you on Facebook will know what I am talking about. For the rest of you - on your profile page there is a list in the sidebar containing 10 friends. This is new and just started when they redid Facebook. The list may seem random, but isnít as random as it may seem. From what I have been able to figure out, the friends that show up there seem to be the ones that visit your page and that you exchange comments with the most and most recently. I have about 1200 "friends" and there are only about 25 (maybe a slight bit more) that seem to randomly shuffle through the profile page list.

Although Robert sometimes showed up there before he passed away, it stopped after. Then about two days ago he started showing up again, almost every time I checked the page.

Also, for the past week or more, I have noticed that Jerry E. Smith shows up there every once in a while. I donít remember exactly when Jerry passed away, but I am pretty sure it was at least a year ago. Long before the Facebook revamp.

So why out of over 1000 people that never (and I do mean never!) show up on that page, why do these two people keep showing up there? I have no explanation for it. I just think it is really weird and seemingly esoteric. In Robertís case I can think it is because he has only been gone 2 weeks and before that we did occasionally post on each others pages, although, that was kind of rare, we mostly emailed.

It kind of reminded me of the recent NY Times article about Mac Tonnies, which suggested that he lives on through cyberspace, though not so much in an esoteric way. Perhaps people really do live on in cyberspace and can even check their friendís Facebook pages. :-D I am joking about that, but not completely.

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