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Grey Matter

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Beside the Point may be a Larger Point

Some things are beside the point, like global warming being man made. What does it matter? Climate change is happening and people still become sick from toxins in the air. Cleaning up the earth should be a no brainer, whether you believe in man made climate change or not.

It is the same with UFOs and other esoteric events. It doesn't matter if UFOs are little green men from Neptune, it matters that people are having the experience of seeing strange things flying about in the sky.

It could be possible that the fact that people witness things that seem unbelievable to some actually may spur us to evolve, at least technologically. During the 1950's there was a rash of alien/ufo films, most of which weren't very good, but that is also besides the point because they got people to thinking about space and wondering if there could be other life out there. Oh sure, there had been many books of that sort before films, but books never attract the mass audience of film. Then there were some that claimed have seen spaceships and some to have met with aliens from Venus or wherever. After that, in the 1960s we started working and we went to the moon. Is there a connection? I think there is.

It seems to me that whatever experiences and visions that the population is experiencing may have a direct effect on what some call "reality."

Take Arthur C. Clarke and his satellite fantasy that became reality. There are many others that have had visions of, dreamt of, or imagined something before it became a reality. I am not saying UFOs are necessarily in that category, but maybe at least some of them are.

It seems as though man has always dreamt of flight. After we developed airplanes, we started dreaming bigger dreams, like space travel. There seems to be something within humans that pushes them to not stay Earth bound. I don't know for certain, but I have a feeling that even in ancient times humans dreamed of traveling amongst the stars. Maybe, just maybe, that is a longing to return to where we began.

I am not getting into the "aliens created humans" type of thought. More so, I am thinking that maybe we are the aliens and that perhaps some of us have better genetic memory that others.

Genetic memory is something that I have a strong belief in, because I feel I have experienced it. When doing genealogy research, I seem to be able to recognize people related to me by no more than a name, even if there are dozens with the same name. I just somehow know that person is a direct line to me. It normally takes quite a while to prove it, but I have never been wrong. So I don't think it so strange that maybe somewhere in our genetic memory we have some memory of traveling space. I'm not saying that that is a fact, just saying that I wouldn't find it strange.

I have noticed that most people have a longing to return to their roots, Scots to Scotland, Jews to Israel, Africans to Africa and so on. Sometimes there are people that had no idea they were of a certain ancestry, but they have a strong desire to visit a certain country and later find out their ancestors were from there. So maybe our desire to go into space says more than we are giving credence to it.

This is why I often get angry when people in Ufology divide things into relevant or not. It all probably plays a role in the big picture. It may be beside the point that you think someone was lying, hallucinating or that you don't believe in "aliens." But, you may be missing something much larger in the realm of collective consciousness or something else that we don't understand yet. Everything may be relevant in some way, quite possibly even the hoaxes.

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