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Ufology 101 for Bloggers and Forum Posters

It occurred to me, as I surfed certain internet forums, mailing lists and so on, that someone new to Ufology might think we all hate each other. Well, that is not true. Except for a few haters that continually stir up trouble (normally to draw attention to themselves), most people within Ufology are nice people and get along pretty well with each other. After all, many of these people spend a lot of time together at conferences and such and have become friends or at least something close to it.

Of course, there are disagreements among friends, but they normally don't fall into the name calling realm. They are polite disagreements. For the most part, if you see name calling, it is usually done by someone that you will never see speaking at a conference, though I am sure there may be a couple exceptions to that. Also, I doubt there is anyone in Ufology that hasn't named called back if someone else started it - that is totally different. While it would be better to just ignore name calling, it is damn hard to do.

Another thing that someone new to Ufology might think is that all UFO sightings are hoaxes. No, it is just that, for some reason, hoaxes are linked to and blogged about far more than most actual cases. For some reason, a lot of people feel like writing about hoaxes. They write long outraged blog posts, forum posts and so on. Sure it is easy to get upset about hoaxes, I know that back in the day I spent far too much thought and time writing about the Serpo hoax. However, since then, it has occurred to me that they get exactly what they want (attention) each time someone does that.

So my advice is, if you absolutely can't help yourself and must write your outraged blog post, only do so once. Do not revisit the topic over and over - we all know it is a hoax (those that don't know can find your old blog post as easily as the new) and, in a very short time, it is completely boring to read or think about it. I suppose I should say that that is my opinion, because maybe there are people that like reading about the same hoax for years.

Not everyone involved in Ufology is a Ufologist. For example, I am involved in Ufology because I have had experiences that have caused me to be very interested in Ufology, but I am not a Ufologist (even though some may call me that). So there is no reason to email me with your sightings or experiences unless you think I will find it interesting - I have no answers, nor do I claim to. If you are having repeated sightings or more so, abductions, I suggest getting in touch with a real Ufologist or abduction expert that can actually help you figure out what is happening. Well, not that it will ever be completely figured out, but it is always nice to have someone that is helping you try.

If you post on an internet forum, mailing list or even your own blog -- what you say is there is for others to agree or disagree with. Don't become upset if others do disagree, it is bound to happen, even if you think you are saying something that everyone should agree with. Be prepared to defend your point, don't spinelessly slink away because, if you do, anyone that had respect for you has just lost it. That said, do not be an attention whore and purposely try to stir up trouble. Anyone can figure that angle out and it also will leave you without any respect.

Believe me, I could stir up trouble constantly (which would likely draw more people to my blog, as sick as that sounds), but I carefully pick my fights as to what I think I need to defend myself against and what I think is really important. I will admit that often times my fingers get ahead of my brain and I have to explain something I wrote that sounds differently than the way I meant it. That happens too. Every so often, I post something that seems good at the time, but later makes me wish I hadn't posted it, but I don't remove posts or comments and just deal with it.

Most of all, if you are starting a blog - don't expect it to be popular the first day, first week, first month or even first year. Even though that might happen, you should blog because you like to and want to do it and try not to worry about how many people read it. I know, that sounds like something your mom would say, but it is true. If you give up, you will never know how popular you may have become.

Also, if you post to forums, try to post where you have at least some like-minded people. Otherwise, you will be constantly defending yourself with no help, which can become very tiring. Forums can be very dangerous places, know that before posting. However, if you choose the wrong one it is easy to leave - just delete your account and move somewhere more appropriate. Whatever you may think -- you can't take on an entire forum that is opposed to you and win (at least not in their eyes), it doesn't matter how right you may actually be.

So basically the internet, blogs and forums are just like real life. People will disagree with you, people that are called names will strike back, your hard work may go unnoticed, it is best to find like minded people and some people are just ASSHOLES, no matter what.

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