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Grey Matter

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Crop Circles, Art and Energy

After over a week of being the sickest I can remember being as an adult, I luckily felt well enough by last Saturday to attend our local UFO/Paranormal forum meeting. The speaker was Gary Plapp, who, aside from running the Los Lunas dowsers group, has also traveled a lot studying crop circles and that is what his presentation was about.

I don't know for certain what it was about his presentation, but it had something to do with just seeing the crop circles up on the screen that made me feel revitalized. Seriously, just seeing them made me happy and feel far more energetic than I had before that. I could almost say that it healed me, except I am sure skeptics would remind me that I was already feeling better.

It also reconfirmed something that I have always felt: it doesn't matter who or what creates crop circles, there is something special and amazing about them.

For the sake of argument, for those that don't believe there is any real mystery to crop circles, lets just say that they are all made by humans, by Dougs and Daves. Perhaps, even if that were the case, there is something about the effort and energy put into making something beautiful that creates a wonderful energy in that piece of art.

I remember being in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican. I am not religious and I am certainly not nor have never been a Catholic. Yet, there was a wonderful energy that poured forth from Michelangelo's Pieta. I could barely force myself to leave it and, every time I did, I eventually ended up back there. I haven't the words to describe how it made me feel, it had nothing to do with a religious feeling though, it was more of a warm, healing energy type of feeling. Yes, and a happiness.

I don't think that everyone feels that way when they see it. I noticed others seemed to be far more enchanted by the Sistine Chapel, which for some reason and it probably was purely due to the crowd in that very small chapel (which makes me feel claustrophobic and icky) really didn't impress me in such a way. Even then, though, I wouldn't deny that there was a certain amazing energy coming from that. It was probably more that I couldn't quite embrace it and enjoy it because of the crowd.

Anyhow, it does seem to me that art does not need to be made by a higher intelligence or some sort of energy orb (we are all energy beings) to be full of some sort of amazing and healing power. Maybe it is why most of us love music and art so much. It may not be the actual sound or image, it may be energy put into that which is somehow transferred to us when we can manage to slow down a bit, open ourselves up and let ourselves enjoy it.

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