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Grey Matter

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So far, 2010 has been a strange year for me. Not "bad strange," just strange. Yes, it has been even stranger than normal. It started with several strange emails around the 1st of the year. Yeah, I always get weird email, but these were so weird that I didn't even know what they were trying to tell me. They had something to do with UFOs, government conspiracy, religion and the end of the world. At the time, I wondered if it was some sort of sign that this was going to be a crazy year. As things continued to be strange over the weeks that followed, I was sure that it must be.

I am not the only one that thinks the year has been strange so far. When I mentioned that it seemed crazy so far on Facebook, Scott Corrales and others agreed. It's not just me getting those strange emails and noticing strange happenings that are not really esoteric, except that there is too much of it happening and so it becomes esoteric.

There seems to be some "good strange" going on, but I will have to wait and see for certain. If so, you will hear about it at some later date.

There was a slight bit of "bad strange" for me personally: someone threatening to sue me over something that someone else had written at UFO Magazine forum, simply because I am administrator there. Thanks to Bill Birnes and the fact that it isn't my forum, they didn't continue to bother me. However, that person is apparently suing the person that wrote the comment. In all my years on the Internet, since back when we toiled on what was known as Bulletin Boards at speeds that were so slow that you could spend an evening downloading a photo, I have never heard of anyone being sued over something they wrote on a board. It's totally crazy!

The "bad strange" on a much bigger level was the earthquake in Haiti. That was truly bad, unlike my small personal irritation with the UFO Mag forum. I suppose earthquakes aren't really strange, but there hadn't been one like that in Haiti for 200 years. Don't think it didn't cross my mind that it was caused purposely by some entity to clear out the old ugly buildings and some of the people to make way for high rise hotels on the beach - it did occur to me. Frankly, if someone showed me proof of it, I wouldn't be the least surprised.

There is not only something very sad about so many souls departing earth at once, but there is something very esoteric about it. I can't quite put my finger on what is esoteric about it, other than death being esoteric, it is just a feeling that something beyond what is seen has occurred. I suppose it is just because it is so far from normal that it seems paranormal. Let's hope it never becomes normal for so many people to die at once.

So I have a feeling we are in for a strange year in 2010. Hopefully the big bad strange has already occurred and any other bad strangeness will be on a much smaller scale. I think that most of it will be "neutral strange," the kind of stuff that makes you say WTF? How the hell did that happen? Kind of like the NBC late night war.

I shouldn't leave out the film 2010, which the full title was 2010: The Year We Make Contact. Will we make contact and with who or what? What if we have already made contact, but most of us don't know it? Will it be mass contact? I doubt it. I doubt there will be any contact or disclosure. However, judging by how strange things have been and seemed so far this year, maybe I am totally wrong. Maybe if there is ever going to be disclosure (by the government or the aliens themselves), the crazy year of 2010 will be perfect for it.

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