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Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !

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Here it is - 2012!

I had originally planned to write a wrap-up of news from 2011. However, after thinking about it, I couldnít really think of anything worth commenting on. I looked through other articles about the top paranormal/UFO stories of 2011, like Lee Speigelís over at the Huffington Post and found that I was right - 2011 was a pretty boring year. Not that there arenít a few stories that might be worth mentioning, but no huge happening like a Stephenville mass sighting or something like that.

Also, still trying to figure out how Lee Speigel could consider ďNew Orleans UFO Mystery SolvedĒ to be #1 on his list. I assume #1 is supposed to be what he thinks was the most important story of the year? Anyhow, you can find his list here

Maybe 2012 will bring more exiting stories. Not along the lines of a mass sighting, but already something very weird has happened. On Sunday 1/8/12, Drew Ryan Maras author of Open Your Eyes: To 2012 and Beyond, a book about 2012 and ancient aliens, shot and killed a Maricopa County Sheriff's deputy. Deputy William Coleman was responding to a burglary call at a medical center. Maras was reportedly sleeping in the passenger side of his van and when Coleman tapped on the window to wake him, Maras shot him with a high powered rifle. Maras was then killed by one of the other officers.

Friday (1/6/12) a couple from New Hampshire was murdered in their car, near Sedona, by someone with a high powered rifle. The investigation is ongoing, but it seems likely that Maras was the killer of the NH couple.

I did not actually know Maras, but we were Facebook friends, which is kind of creepy. Reading through his feed, I didnít find anything that unusual. A bit of conspiracy stuff there, but compared to some fb pages, it was pretty normal. His info page isnít very revealing either, for religion he has: Christian/catholic, Jedi Creed, Zen, Nirvana, Spiritual Enlightenment.

He has many favorite quotes listed. A couple are conspiracy related, such as, "The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government."--Thomas Paine. Most though, are by Gandhi, MLK, President Kennedy, very hippyish type quotes. So maybe a bit of a split personality, but we are all contradictions in our own ways.

Maras was in the Marines for 4 years, but did not serve in any combats situations that I could find. He seems to have spent that time in Chicago.

Maras also had a bit of an rrest history, but nothing that seems to have involved violence, mostly burglary.

Already I have seen at least a couple people (on Facebook) comment that he must have been killed as part of a conspiracy because he had found out something or because of something he wrote in his book. If he had found something out (which I totally doubt), his last fb post certainly didnít give any clue of it. That was a link (posted Jan 4th) to the story about all the herring washing up in Norway with a comment about how the media ignores stories like that and would rather talk about Sarah Palinís hair. Nothing new or crazy about that, it is totally true.

Really if someone wants to make a conspiracy out of this, it is doubtful he discovered anything. So far as conspiracy goes, it would be far more likely that since he had been in the Marines, he was part of some psyops experiment. You have to come up with a conspiracy that fits.

Yes, a weird start to 2012 with a 2012 researcher dead after having murdered at least 1 person. Makes me wonder what the rest of the year will be like.

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  • Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !