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Grey Matter

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So Long, 2010

As I recall, last January, I predicted that 2010 would be a crazy and weird year or that at least that it would be for me. That prediction did last for about half the year, but the second half of the year was only "weird" in a normal weird type of way rather than a crazy weird way. I guess if I were Ed Dames or Sean David Morton, I would consider that a hit.

I don't have any predictions for the new year. So far, I have no real feeling about 2011. It seems kind of blank to me and that may be because it is the year before the much anticipated year of 2012. Well, not that I believe anything major is going to happen in 2012, but it will be a fun year to ride through, waiting to see if the world ends or the great enlightenment comes, eh?

However, there is something exciting going on for me this year. I am helping with a major UFO/paranormal conference in the Albuquerque area. I am, of course, very excited about it. When I first became involved, I didn't realize what a big event this would be. Oh, I thought it would be one of those small motel conference rooms that maybe hold a couple hundred people. No, it will be in a large (1,500+) venue at a local casino. We could win or lose on a major level with this. I hope win since proceeds go to a local charity A Child's Miracle Mind - and I am planning on doing everything possible to make it a win. I am sure you will hear much more about the conference from me as the year goes on, since it isn't until the end of April. Guest speaker list and website coming soon.

Oh, and just one more thing -- I have noticed a continuing trend from 2010: predicting disclosure dates. Yeah, that has always happened, but last year it seemed to happen every month and already this year there is some silly prediction about an Obama disclosure. That comes from a very unreliable "news" source (that I shall not give a link to) and is supposed to happen within the next month. As always, people are passing this around like it is real news and really going to happen. Maybe they do it more as a conversation starter, I don't know. I sometimes post such things to my blog, but I almost always put a :-D or some sarcastic comment so that people know it is just for fun and I don't really believe it.

OK, so I guess I will make a prediction - I predict lots of "disclosure" and UFO/ET related predictions that will come from questionable sources and never happen. :-D

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