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Grey Matter

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The End is Near

On February 2nd, the sixth and finale season of Lost will begin. I had to actually check that information because it just doesn't seem like there have been 5 seasons of Lost already. I suppose that is just because there is never enough!

I didn't actually watch Lost until the first season was on DVD. The TV previews made it looks like a mixture of a soap opera and Gilligan's Island, but so many people kept telling me how great it was and I was bored enough that I bought the first season and watched it. After that I was totally hooked. Yes, I mean TOTALLY.

I keep hoping that the end isn't really the end. Oh, I know it is the end of the TV show, but I can't believe that would keep there from being stand alone films made about what went on on the island before the Losties or assuming the island isn't destroyed, what goes on after.

Some are promising that all our questions will be answered in this final season. I kind of hope so and I kind of hope not. Lets face it, we all love Lost, probably for the same reason we love UFOs and the esoteric, because we don't know the answers and we love to guess and theorize about what they may be. Answers to such things often either don't live up to expectations or seem rather dull after a very short while.

The end of Lost is going to leave a big giant hole on TV that I don't think can ever be filled, this from someone that still isn't over the loss of Northern Exposure. The fact is that there has never been anything quite so esoteric and complex on TV. I loved X-Files, but there is just no comparison. X-Files was child's play compared to Lost.

Fringe has become more complex and better since the first season, but I don't see it ever being as great as Lost. V isn't even in the running so far as I am concerned. I haven't really watched V enough to say for certain, but that was my opinion from the couple episodes I did watch, they were kind of predictable (and I never saw the previous mini-series) - not at all like Lost. Probably it isn't fair to compare X-Files or any other show, except for possibly Fringe (since it is also a J.J. Abrams show), with Lost. X-Files was about UFOs and aliens and V is about aliens, whereas Lost is more about that the esoteric physics that those of us who are interested in UFOs and aliens like to hypothesize and theorize about.

Of course, I felt this way at the end of X-Files. Really I feel this way at the end of a great book too. That feeling of wanting to know the answers, but not wanting it to end. Luckily, we are not given the choice of such things, otherwise, Lost might run for another 5 or even 10 years and become as dull and predictable as most everything else on TV.

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