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Grey Matter

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Bigfoot Thoughts

During my time in Taos Ski Valley over Christmas, I did not come across any Bigfoot tales, let alone Bigfoot himself (or herself). The skiers were mostly all visitors, and the locals were too busy working, so I didn't get to talk much with them. However, it did occur to me as a traveled there and back, and looked out over vast open spaces along the way, that people that say we would have already found Bigfoot if it existed are totally full of crap.

I am always amazed, when I am flying somewhere, by how much unpopulated space there is in America. As I recall, I flew all the way from Albuquerque to Seattle and didn’t see any sign of human population for what seemed like most of the flight.

Also, I always think to myself, if someone had enough survival skills - could they go out in the wilderness and never be seen or found by another human again? I am pretty sure they could. Although, it isn’t like Bigfoot has never been seen by a human, sometimes they are stumbled upon by accident.

Seriously, it wouldn’t take a great amount of intelligence to keep away from humans. Most humans don’t even go out into “the wild” and the ones that do mostly stick to known paths, which isn’t really part of the wild. Most humans do their hiking (or whatever) during the day and sleep at night. They carry food and supplies with them, which are things that something with a better sense of smell could detect for miles. Humans are also normally pretty noisy as well as pretty predictable, loud and smelly. Really, would it be that hard to not be found by them out in the middle of the wilderness? I don’t think so.

I am someone that 100% believes there are real, flesh and blood bigfoot. That being said, I also believe there are other “bigfoots,” the so called paranormal types. Now, whether this is some trickster masquerading as a Bigfoot or whether that is it’s true form, I can’t say, but there seems to be both and the paranormal Bigfoot seems to be spotted more often. I have never understood why people have to have it one way or another, Bigfoot is either a real creature or paranormal, why can’t there be both? Maybe Bigfoot is a flesh and blood creature with paranormal powers - why the hell not? He must have a big brain and it is possible that certain parts of that brain are more developed than ours. There have been several times in my life that I am convinced that I literally became invisible, maybe Bigfoot knows how to do that whenever he wishes.

Something else I was thinking about is that the people that are actually out in the woods looking for Bigfoot never seem to find him. The people that see him are normally the people that are just hiking or whatever and don’t even believe in Bigfoot, let alone expect to see him. I think Bigfoot purposely does it that way just for entertainment.

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