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Ghost Files

Ghost Files


Plowing through the smoke of internet para-normality, Ghost Files steams back into the station for another week of ghastly review. We are now three weeks without pause, in what is probably a new GF record.

This week, the Top Story covers the rather expected story of ghostly activity in New Orleans. Plus, by blaming crime on the paranormal, a Las Vegas driver leaves a taint of disbelief. Finally, we at long last get some cryptozoological action.

Prepare yourself, the Files are opening…

:: Top Story ::

I was waiting for this story to break.

Guardsmen Sense Ghostly Presence In New Orleans

By Janet Yee - (CBS5)

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, members of the U.S. military are saying that there's something spooky going on and it's not just images of death and destruction that's haunting them.

By all accounts, the Sophie B. Wright Middle School in New Orleans sits empty and evacuated except for military personnel who have taken over the campus as a staging site for missions around the battered city.


Soon after the devastating Tsunami of last December, news sites reported claims that the locals feared the coastline because of ghostly activity—thousands of lost souls were supposedly wandering the beaches where their lives were suddenly and violently lost.

There have been a few comments comparing Hurricane Katrina to said Tsunami, and although Katrina was nowhere near to its scale, it was still a very traumatic and violent event that caused many to lose their lives. Added to this is the spiritualistic and paranormal atmosphere of the New Orleans area. Therefore, I was not only unsurprised to find an article like the one above, I was actually expecting it.

The reports by the National Guardsmen stationed in New Orleans are rather frightening. In particular is the account of Sgt. Robin Hairston:

"I was in my sleeping bag and I opened by eyes and in the doorway was a little girl," . "It wasn't my imagination."

To be sleeping in an abandoned middle school is bad enough, but to wake up and see the spirit of a little girl? Yikes.

What have me equally concerned are the reports of “shadows.” Shadow entities, or shadow people, are often viewed as evil or sinister. This leads me to believe that what these brave soldiers are facing aren’t necessarily the spirits of the recently departed, but rather darker (perhaps daemonic) forces that have taken residence in the ruined city.

This possible Biblical/daemonic reference seems supported in another bizarre occurrence:

At a Baton Rouge marina, boats were strewn like trash, but not a shred of paper could be found. Except for the pages of a Bible, which was found by a soldier. It was open to the Book of Revelations…another Bible was found, showing the exact same passage from Revelations.

Although I may not be as sure that we are in the ‘end times’ as George Noory is, but a story like this one really makes you wonder.

:: Daemons? ::

Daemon hunting or paranormal scapegoating?

Vegas Driver Said to See 'Demons' in Crowd

By CHRISTINA ALMEIDA - Associated Press Writer

A man suspected of killing two tourists and injuring 12 others on the Las Vegas Strip told police he steered his car into the crowd on the sidewalk because they were staring at him like demons. Stephen M. Ressa, 27, also told police he saw people with their hands in their pockets and thought they might be armed with guns, according to an arrest report obtained Friday by The Associated Press.


It’s stories like this one that cast doubt and shame on the paranormal community. While I won’t claim to know all the facts of this case, I don’t think ‘I thought they were daemons’ is an appropriate defense for what this guy did.

Let’s look at what the article tells us:

According to his testimony, he was gambling in Vegas for a few days and sleeping in a car. Furthermore, he has a past drug/alcohol problem and admits to abstaining from prescribed medication. He was also wanted in questioning for the assault on his mother (the owner of the car he was sleeping in).

Given these character descriptions and the naturally disorienting setting of Las Vegas, I’m inclined to believe that what he saw was anything but daemons.

:: Cryptozoology ::

Finally, some results!

Giant squid 'an active predator'

Richard Ingham - 28/09/2005 08:14 - (SA)

Paris - Japanese zoologists have made the first recording of a live giant squid, one of the strangest and most elusive creatures in the world.

The size of a bus, with vast eyes and a querulous beak, Architeuthis has long nourished myth and literature.


Right on the heels of last week’s probably bogus Nessie ‘find,’ we finally get to see some results in the field of mysterious animals and the people that want to find them. And although I’m happy we finally have video footage of this giant of the seas, I’m also a bit discouraged regarding other hard to find creatures.

If a scientific team can plan and execute a plan that gets results, especially when this plan involves the vast, dark expanses of the ocean, I don’t hold out much hope for Big Foot and Nessie researchers. If we can get video footage of a creature that resides in the ocean, why is it we have such trouble with creatures that live in more limited areas like forests and lakes?

Either Big Foot is extraordinarily rare and adept at hiding, or such creatures simply don’t exist. I’m sorry, but if hundreds of researchers spending millions of dollars over decades haven’t yet found Big Foot (or at least captured undisputed video footage), I’m not sure what more researchers, money, and time will accomplish.

This may seem a bit jaded, but I can’t help but feel let down by the phenomenal lack of progress in cryptozoology.

:: Dead End ::

Thus concludes this week’s Ghost Files. I hope you had an entertaining and informative journey.

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Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s ‘Files.

~Khyron, 2005.

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