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Ghost Files

Ghost Files


Creaking doors and shadowy figures abound, Ghost Files returns for another installment of the best paranormal content on the Web.

This week I’ve got yet another prognosticator foreshadowing doom for the near future and another sign from above foreshadowing hope. Plus, I’ve got the link to one of the more interesting and useful paranormal resources on the web.

Pack your bags, we’re going to Ghost Files…

:: Top Story ::

In response to the increase of terrorist activity in England, and the growing threat of similar attacks in the US, there are now random searches in many of the county’s transit systems. This method of prevention is very controversial, and its effectiveness questionable.

But was else could be used to prevent a determined suicide bomber? As you’ll see in the following article, perhaps the spirit world can lend a hand.

Medium Hears ‘Spiritual Chatter’ About Next Terrorist Attacks

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J. (Wireless Flash)

Most of us try to drown out the sound of chatter but not a New Jersey medium named “Teresa.”

She spends her time eavesdropping on “spiritual chatter” she believes can help prevent terrorist attacks.

Teresa says she hears voices from what she calls “the angelic realm that support this universe” that tell her when natural disasters and terrorists attacks are about to occur.


Put-off by the multitude of prognosticators lacking substance on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, my grains of salt are closely at hand for the spiritual medium, “Teresa.”

The article points out one of her ‘hits’ regarding the fall of the World Trade Center on September 11. She claims that because the towers collapsing caused seismic activity, her original claim that earthquakes would occur in the fall of 2001 were accurate. Call me cynical, but this sounds like the kind of response that every other so-called ‘psychic’ uses to keep their reputation up.

Her newest claim is to be weary of September, 2005, and that possible targets are England, Spain, Egypt, and the US. This seems vague enough to possibly come true.

I’ll be waiting this fall to check her validity, but I think if you want peace of mind, random searches will do better than ghosts.

:: Miracles ::

It would seem the statues are restless, nowadays…

Residents tell of a 'miracle' in Hoboken


Dozens of people flocked to a homemade shrine in Hoboken yesterday, hoping to see a miracle.

According to witnesses, a Sacred Heart of Jesus statue in the shrine "opened its eyes" and turned its head slightly to the right yesterday afternoon, staring out at the scene in front of the Jackson Street public housing complex.


No more than a week after a report of a walking Mary statue, now there’s a report of a weeping Jesus at a nativity scene.

In the article of the moving Mary, showcased in the 07.27.05 issue of Ghost Files, the explanation for the miracle was widely considered to be a sign from above to give us the strength to persevere. I think the same explanation holds true, here.

The shady street corner in New Jersey, where the statue is located, is a popular hangout for drug dealers. A local resident believes it to be a sign to clean up crime in the neighborhood. I think that if it can influence or inspire, no matter if the miracle is hoaxed or not, it will be a mission accomplished.

:: Skeptics ::

I like to keep an open mind to many of the articles I present here. From time to time, however, some claims are so outrageous, that I can’t help to express my disbelief. In the world of the paranormal, hoaxing is the number 1 detriment to credibility.

Of all the researches (and debunkers) of paranormal phenomena, James Randi is at the top of the list. Now he has posted his “Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural,” free, on the web.

An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural

James Randi, David Joffe, and Gilles-Maurice de Schryver

This Internet version will contain many more illustrations than the printed one, and as time goes on we intend to add more categories and definitions, as well. If you have any suggestions along this line, we invite them eagerly. Please be sure that what you offer us is "in tune" with the subjects we handle, and when possible, give us a reference for the item.


This is quite the compendium Randi has created. A complete A-Z listing of just about every paranormal or occult topic, with full background and possible explanations—this thing is infinitely interesting.

If you have a free afternoon, I highly suggest you peruse through the pages of this useful resource.

:: Dead End ::

That’s all for this week’s Ghost Files. I hope you enjoyed your journey into the netherworlds of the paranormal.

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~Khyron, 2005.

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