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Ghost Files

Ghost Files


Welcome, everyone, to yet another edition of your premier source for commentary on all manner of paranormal news. This is week two of my experiment in other, non-ghostly articles. And because of the positive comments I’ve received thus far, you can expect this to be the new format for Ghost Files.

This week, the Top Story describes China’s economical successes with UFO researching. Plus, I’ve got an in-depth look into the spiritual side of Emmy Awarding actor, Kelsey Grammer. To finish things off, I’ve found a rather intriguing article that may show proof that pigeons are smarter than we think.

Now buckle up, Ghost File’s a comin’!

:: Top Story ::

In the communist government of China, faith in God can get you thrown in jail. Faith in extraterrestrials, however, can get you a big, fat paycheck.

China hugging little green men

By Judi McLeod (Canada Free Press) - Friday, August 12, 2005

But especially since the millennium, flying saucers are almost as big a business boom in China as the trademark cheapie bric a brac the nation exports to the outside world.

While supermarket tabloids of the west continue to carry stories of alien abductions and accuse elected governments of hiding the real truth about extraterrestrials from the masses, China looks for ways to capitalize on ETs and to harness their energy for the homeland.


I thought this was a very interesting article because it gave some insight into how another nation is handling the UFO phenomena. It looks like that for UFOlogists, China is the place to be (if they don’t mind the communism, that is).

Personally, I surprised that, in a nation that frowns on superstition, such a large number of China’s population are believers in alien contact. The article quotes a poll by the Outer Space Investigation Organization that states that half of the Chinese population believes in flying saucers. Likewise, according to The Standard, as many as tens of millions of Chinese citizens are involved in a registered UFO association.

I think this is a wake-up call for our American shadow-government. If what they claim is true, and we didn’t recover any technology from crashed saucers, then we better get on the bandwagon. We mustn’t allow a UFO efficiency gap!

And, hey, who knows? Maybe if the government started to pay Stanton Friedman, Michio Kaku, and our other UFOlogists (after Hell froze over, of course) we could finally get somewhere in conquering the technology of ‘saucer power.’

:: Celebrities ::

If you can remember back to some of the early Ghost Files (I know I can’t), you may recall an article about Kelsey Grammer (Cheers, Frasier) and his experiences with the paranormal. For those that don’t remember it, fear not—here’s an updated, more in-depth article on the actor’s paranormal life.

Grammer speaks to the dead

Irish Examiner - 13/08/2005

Kelsey Grammer speaks to the dead, including a 2,000 year old ghost called Alex who teaches him about good and evil. The Frasier star has lost a number of family members to tragic and violent deaths, something he claims has strengthened his belief in an afterlife.

Grammer says: "I have communicated with many entities of late, some that I've known in the past. I believe in past lives and reincarnation.


I’m shocked that such a funny actor had such a tragic past. According to the article, he lost his father and sister to violent crimes, and two of his half brothers were eaten by sharks. Why such emotional trauma would drive someone to comedy is beyond me. Perhaps it was his way of coping with such great loss.

Is any case, his experiences with death have given Grammer a very strong belief in the afterlife. Apparently, he is a proponent to the theory of reincarnation. He believes that when we pass on, we emerge on another plane of existence and spiritual evolution. According to this theory, this realm is one of physical enjoyment.

His advice? Enjoy milkshakes while you can.

:: Strange Animals ::

As far as animals go, birds rank among one of the most intelligent (behind perhaps only Dachshunds). Parrots, for instance, have shown they not only have the ability to imitate, but to also understand the English language. But can birds learn to read street addresses, too?

Weird miss

Aftenposten (News from Norway) - Wednesday August 17 2005

A homing pigeon bound for Norway landed in Sweden instead, but the bird's mistake showed signs of unusual intelligence

"It shuffled around behind me like a dog. When I tried to talk to it, it opened its beak as if it wanted to answer," Schützer told the paper.

Allman's partner, Elisabeth Myhrvold is baffled by why the homing pigeon decided to stop in the wrong country, but even more puzzling is where the bird chose to settle - at a house in Tångenvägen, a nearly identical address.


Could a messenger pigeon have mistakenly landed at the wrong location because it misread the similar street address? Highly unlikely, but that is quite a coincidence. I am a fan of fathoming incredibly small odds, and this one is one of the smallest. Of all the houses, in all of Europe, this pigeon chose a house with a nearly identical address—wow.

What’s even more amazing is that there are homing pigeon conferences in Sweden. That sounds like one of the most bizarre, yet strangely entertaining conferences out there. Just imagine, there are actually people who get together to talk pigeons with one another. My sympathies to the clean-up crew…

:: Dead End ::

Thus concludes this week’s edition to Ghost Files. I hope you enjoyed my selection of paranormally pertinent news articles.

I am sad to announce that because of a soon to be busy schedule, this will be the final edition for the month of August. I know, calm down…we’ll get through this. However, before you know it, September will be here and Ghost Files will once again commence to bringing you the best paranormal news the Internet has to offer.

As always, feel free to contact me at GhostFiles@Khyron.net. For more information and featured articles on movies, television, and games, head on over to my website, http://www.khyron.net.

Until next time, take it easy, everyone.

~Khyron, 2005.

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