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Ghost Files

Ghost Files


Welcome back, faithful readers, to another installment of paranormal review that I prefer to call, Ghost Files.

I trust my absence wasn't too much of a strain on your emotional health. But fear not, I have come to quench your thirst for the best ghostly material the internet has to offer. This week, I present an example of psychology over paranormal and a rather strange tale of Bali spiritualism. Plus, a Kenyan principal has found a solution to disobedient children, everywhere.

Brace yourself, Ghost Files cometh.

:: Top Story ::

In cinema, it's not uncommon to have a plot about a ghost influencing a poor victim into doing unspeakable acts of violence. They may be tormented into killing their family, strangers, or themselves. In such stories, the protagonist is often viewed as insane—that is until it's too late.

In reality, however, they most likely are suffering from a psychological disorder with hallucinations. Case in point, the following article:

Demonic Man says 'ghost' told him he shot his family

From Daily News staff reports

An unidentified man thought he had killed his family Saturday night after a "ghost" approached him as he sat in a field. The ghost told him he had done the deed.

He stated that he had killed his family and he would wait for deputies.


Relating back to the 7.06 edition of Ghost Files, this story is very much related to the debate between psychology and the paranormal. The man involved claims that a ghost had informed him that his family was dead—and that the man killed them. I won't venture a guess as to why a ghost would say such a thing, but many, including myself, may have been inclined to believe his account.

This time, however, no matter how open one is to the paranormal, it's psychology's job to handle this one.

I don't think you can believe anything a man who has recently awoken from a drunken stupor and downed 50 phentermine tablets. And the fact he consumed so much is testament to his deep, emotional stress. I don't know the specifics of this case, or the history of this man and his family, but I feel this is the kind of situation where a purely paranormal response would have been dangerous and irresponsible.

Perhaps the real bit of paranormal influence brought the man out of his house and away from his family—thus preventing a 'Shining'-like massacre.

:: Legend ::

I like to venture across the oceans from time to time and experience the paranormal happenings of other cultures. I found this interesting article about a form of magic I had never heard of before: the 'Leak' magic of Bali.

What is the leak spirit of Bali?

Radio Singapore International – July 15, 2005

Miguel Covarrubias, a Mexican artist who explored Bali in the 1930s, was intrigued by tales of the leak spirit on the island.

The leak spirit enabled people to turn into fireballs, animals or strange creatures with fangs, a protruding tongue and dangling breasts.

This creature could fly above roof tops, suck the blood of adults and kidnap babies.


It would seem the small Island nation of Bali is rather submersed in spiritualism. And the stories they tell are as extravagant as the native locales.

I'm very interested in the legend of their 'leak spirit.' It's a very strange yet powerful force that enables people to change into a plethora of forms to hunt down and terrorize the populace.

Many legends are often based on real events, and although elaborated or changed throughout time, there was probably a similar, unexplainable event to account for it. I dare not even imagine what event would cause such a bizarre legend as this.

:: Haunting ::

Parents now have a new weapon in getting their children to clean their rooms: ghosts!

'Ghosts' terrorise schoolgirls

South African Press Association

Nairobi - Ghosts in the shape of cats and dogs come out at night to terrorise pupils at a girl's school near Nairobi, a Kenyan newspaper reported on Tuesday. More than 300 girls fled their dormitories at the Mua Girls' secondary school in the Machaos district in the early hours of Monday morning, The Standard reported.


According to the frightened children, their school principle is to blame for the paranormal occurrence. It seems as though these children haven't been as clean as they should be.

The principal's response? Bring on the food poisoning and hordes of ghost-animals to motivate cleanliness.

I think in this case, the best exorcising would be the work-out they get from scrubbing and mopping. A little elbow grease will clean those ghosts right up!

:: Dead End ::

This concludes the Ghost Files for this week. I hope you enjoyed your stay in the nether-realms of the paranormal.

This is Khyron, until next time, signing off.


~Khyron, 2005.

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