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Ghost Files

Ghost Files


To exploit a quote from “Land of the Dead,” and change it to fit my needs, “In a world with Ghost Files, the word ‘trouble’ loses much of its meaning.” Get ready to be cast head-first into the turbulent realm of paranormal review that many now call, Ghost Files. Hot off the presses, I take a look into the dark underbelly of corporate psychics and dictatorial occult practices. Plus, I’ve included a fitting piece about reanimated pooches that should get your hair to stand on end.

The ‘Files have opened; proceed at your own risk…

:: Top Story ::

Saddam Hussein, the so-called ‘Butcher of Baghdad,’ was one of history’s most infamous dictators. To rise to and hold such power, there seems to be a certain criteria of personal traits. In order to be a tyrant, it seems, one must be brutal, calculating, and, in many cases, have a strong belief in the paranormal.

Hitler, as many historians will account to, had an obsession with black magic and the occult. Stalin, so paranoid that the ghosts of the people he killed would attack him, had guards watch over him during the night. Al Capone, while not a dictator per se, claimed to be haunted by one of his victims for over 20 years.

It would appear that Saddam is no exception.

Saddam's psychic sandbox

by Judi McLeod Saturday, June 18, 2005 - Canada Free Press

Saddam Hussein, who among other occult pursuits, "studied the sands", would have been better equipped with orbitary American weather satellites.

During sand studies, the Black Arts Saddam conjured up jinn (genies) to do his bidding. Said to have inherited some of his mother Sabha’s psychic prowess, Saddam was believed by many to have seven jinn lined up for his personal protection. According to these people, the Butcher of Baghdad spoke on a daily basis with the king and queen of the jinn, who actually advised him.


This was a rather strange article. Not in the sense that it relates to the paranormal, but that the article had very little to do with its title. After the brief introduction into Saddam’s occult practices, it described how NASA and other researchers found lost ruins using old satellite photos.

While a story of lost civilizations is an interesting one, I will be focusing on the beginning of the article, which is quoted above.

It appears as if Saddam Hussein was talking to genies. While I wouldn’t be against a claim that genies (or jinn, as they are called in the article) may actually be real, I highly doubt Saddam had seven of them working for his protection. I also find it very unlikely that he was being advised by the king and queen of the jinn (or, if he was, these jinn must be poor planners, and even worse at hide-and-seek).

I think the real question here is whether it was the oppressed people who came up with the idea, or the oppressor. To use the concept of supernatural ability or assistance has been a common strategy for rulers to keep their subjects in place.

But, if he truly can conjure genies, perhaps they can keep him company in prison.

:: Living Dead ::

With the theatrical release of one of my most anticipated films (“Land of the Dead”), I couldn’t pass up this perfectly timed, if not shockingly real, zombie article.

Scientists 'raise the dead' in experiment

Daily Mail - 27th June 2005

Zombies rising from the dead sound like the stuff of horror films and nightmares - but it could soon be reality. Scientists have discovered a way to bring dead dogs back to life. Using a so-called suspended animation technique, they emptied the dead animals' veins of blood and filled them with ice-cold saline solution to preserve the tissues and organs.


Frankly, I’m surprised this isn’t being picked up, full-scale, by the major networks. This story is huge. The fact that an organism as large as a dog could be clinically dead and void of blood, only to have it replaced and to be revived without any brain damage—it’s just astounding. Plus, they’re planning on human testing within a year!

The implications for such a reality are as intriguing as they are horrifying. Imagine how it would feel to be brought back from death, your blood having been completely replaced. And, if you believe in the existence of a soul, what would that mean for your reanimated self? Would the soul return? Or would your body work on instinct alone?

If your soul is the higher presence of self and personality, I would think a soulless body would be more like an autonomous eating machine—much similar to the flesh eaters in George Romero movies. Interesting side-note, the Safar Centre, where this technique was developed, is located in Pittsburg—home town of Romero’s “Dead” series.

:: Corporate Paranormal ::

I guess the occult isn’t reserved for just dictators…

CEOs use magic, psychics

Jim Dickins - June 26, 2005

CORPORATE Australia is turning to the occult in a bid to boost its bottom line, employing psychics and witches as alternative business consultants.

Self-employed professionals, small business owners and executives in major, publicly listed companies are among those joining an expanding network of "covens" organised by businesswoman and self-described witch, Stacey Demarco.


It appears that the rich in Australia think the paranormal can make them marginally wealthier. It seems to me that this is a rather expensive and useless trick to get CEOs to dish out big cash to no benefit.

Charging up to $385 per hour, she uses intuition to detect problems or "blockages" within the organisational structure.

I see…

I think I’m in the wrong career. All I need to do is convince people that I have a powerful intuition to spot problems in company organization, and I can charge them through the teeth for doing essentially nothing.

While I’m not saying that psychics or intuition aren’t necessarily real, but when they charge that much per hour, then I tend to get a bit skeptical.

:: Dead End ::

That does it for this edition. The Files are now closed for yet another week. I give you the next seven days to prepare your nerves for another harrowing Ghost Files, eagerly approaching from the void of the future. Until that time, I wish you happy dreams and a festive 4th of July.

So long!

~Khyron, 2005.

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