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Ghost Files


Welcome to the latest installment of Ghost Files --a recap of the happenings in the world of the paranormal. This week, Scotland’s ghosts are on the run, and there are (surprise, surprise!) ghosts haunting a prison.


:: Top Story ::

I felt this victory against the paranormal deserved Top Story status…

Scots ghostbusters have first success

Mike Mceachran, May 6 2005

SCOTLAND'S only squad of ghostbusters have notched up their first success after scaring away spectres that were terrorising a young family.

The 11-strong squad of paranormal investigators answered the distressed plea from a mum and child who were frightened by voices and moving objects at their home in Paisley.

Score one for the living. Woo-hoo! The tides have changed, spooks. We are scaring you, now.

As I have stated ad nausea, the British Isles (and Europe in general, for that matter) seem to have a greater than average concentration of paranormal activity. Therefore, I found it odd that Scotland has only one recognized ghost-busting team.

In any case, their methods appear to be sound:

The team - including psychic medium Scott Williams - used motion sensors and infra-red cameras to find out what was going bump in the night…Turner says he will only be happy with 'hard objective evidence', adding that they rely on sceptic John Lundie, 49, who 'tries to keep the team's feet on the ground

That last part is pretty important. I think a skeptic is not only useful, but also very essential to paranormal investigating teams. It truly does increase their credibility.

I felt pretty proud for the team, and was very optimistic about their contribution to ghostly research—that is until I read the end of the article…

Now the team are ready to accept their latest challenge - a 12-hour vigil at a Glasgow pub, reported to be the last place in Scotland where a witch was executed.

12 hours at a pub in Scotland, huh? Right…

:: Haunting ::

From Scotland’s one, to one of the many in America:

Ghost Hunters Explore Orbs, Shadows

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In South Jersey, a centuries-old prison has been closed for decades. But there are some people who say that unexplained lights and random voices prove that the prisoners are still there.

Here’s another classic location for ghosts—a prison. It has the powerful emotion, dark setting, and human suffering associated with most haunted areas.

What I find interesting about prisons, and I think is showcased in the article, are the kinds of ghosts that would haunt them. Unless a few wrongfully accused souls feel bound to it, the majority of ghosts you’ll find in prison are going to be mean-spirited (excuse the pun) or otherwise bad guys.

Although orbs, a phenomenon widely considered benign, have been spotted there, there have also been sightings of the infamous shadow people.

"Twice I've seen what they call shadow people," Bozarth said. "Once it actually looked like it was running up the steps. ... It was after hours. The second one I saw actually looked at me, which is a little nerve-wracking. And I couldn't really go anywhere. I was behind my desk. (It) walked right through the gift shop, turned its head and just kept going. Got to the door and it disappeared and I left."

In my opinion, shadow people are either daemonic (or in some way evil) entities. They’re void of all light, and are so black that they can easily be seen in a darkened room. What scares me most about them is that they appear to have an interest in the living.

According to the example in the article, the shadow person turned its head and looked at the witness. Other stories involve bedroom invasions and physical or psychological ailment after contact. Seems exactly like the kind of spirit that would haunt the spooky corridors of a prison.

:: Poltergeist ::

The Mystery of the Mayanup Poltergeist

Rebecca Lang, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Mysterious showers of stones materialised out of thin air in front of hundreds of amazed witnesses during the three-year reign of the Mayanup Poltergeist.But more than 45 years after the strange phenomena terrorised an Aboriginal family at Boyup Brook, in West Australia, the mystery remains unsolved.

This was the first time I heard about the Mayanup poltergeist story. And, to be honest, it is quite incredible.

The poltergeist, called ‘Jannick,’ did what most poltergeists do: throw objects around the room. But the power it had to materialize rock is pretty incredible. Not only does this spirit/entity have the ability to interact with our world, it can also create minerals--seemingly out of nothing. This makes me think that this is more than a simple poltergeist.

It also doesn’t seem too happy:

A low, mournful whistle could be heard piercing the night air, and the Hack’s dogs were driven half mad by the commotion, breaking their chains and running off into the night.

What’s even more incredible about this phenomenon is that it has been witnessed by many people and has occurred in different places, up to 300km away. Whatever this thing was, it obviously had some great power.

:: Dead End ::

That’s all for this week’s installment. I hope you enjoyed your stay in this, the nether realms of the paranormal. Keep an eye out for next week’s ‘Files.

~Khyron, 2005.