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Ghost Files


Welcome back everyone. For your reading pleasure, I present to you this week’s Ghost Files. I’ve got some more tales of ghosts and the people who chase them, but also a bit of a divergence from the usual articles.

I hope you enjoy.

:: Top Story ::

Listen up, now!

Ghost hunter gives spooky lecture

Lauren Walleser - March 21, 2005

Paranormal Investigator and Expert John Zaffis, with over 30 years of experience, including work with paranormal expert Ed Warren on the haunting at Amityville, presented a lecture and slide show Friday regarding his experiences with ghosts, poltergeists, exorcists and other strange phenomena.

Zaffis last appeared on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on January 25. At the time, I had stated that he is a knowledgeable and entertaining guest. He continues to impress not only myself, but apparently college campuses, as well. I would love to have an opportunity to hear Zaffis recount his tales of ghostly phenomena. His 30 years of experience speaks volumes to his credibility and entertainment value.

I rank Mr. Zaffis among the top researches in the field of paranormal activity. The thing I like most about him is that not only does he search for answers; he searches for them the right way.

"I always try to prove something false before I can prove it to be true," Zaffis said. "The most convincing photos come from people not in the business and who don't believe in hauntings, because they have nothing to prove."

A quote from this particular speech caught my attention. He talked about how to avoid a haunting or daemonic possession. He also mentions a means to avoid cursed items.

"The best advice is to just be careful of what you get involved with," Zaffis said. "If you are compelled to purchase an item, and you just have to have it, don't buy it."

Upon reading this, I immediately scanned my room of prized possessions. The big screen TV that I just had to have. The surround sound system that I just had to have. The new computer to stream Coast to Coast AM at night that I just had to have. Could these purchases been influenced by paranormal means?

It seems just about every month there’s some new gadget or electronic that catches my attention. I research it, price it, and inevitably buy it. I always though my extravagant purchasing was a result of advertising, but could it be something more?

Now that I think of it, many of these items were completely impulsive. I have no need for 90% of the things I buy (the Enormous Omelet Sandwich I had for breakfast comes to mind). Many times these items only bring me worry, stress, and the need for more purchases (my television and surround system come to mind).

I wouldn’t doubt for one second that I am some how cursed to purchase; cursed to buy bigger and better things, only to have them replaced by bigger and better things. Perhaps I am destined to wander the Earth with outdated electronics and monstrous credit card bills.

But, now I’m aware of the curse and knowing is half the battle. Excuse me while I recharge my brand-new Sony PSP…

:: Haunting ::

…and don’t ya come back no more !

Hit the road, ghosts

Tasnim Langry - March 23, 2005

In an effort to curb the sightings of other-worldly spirits from appearing on Durban's roads, an international organisation hosted a purification prayer yesterday.

What I found interesting in this article was the statistical, almost scientific definition that the group performing this prayer gives to ghosts.

The article states that:

… as much as 80% of the problems faced by people in their health and well-being was due to spiritual reasons.

That’s a pretty serious percentage. Just imagine how many ghosts there must be wondering the streets to cause that kind of effect to the living. They must literary fill the skies. What’s even more troubling is that these spirits find it necessary to cause us harm.

The article contains one of the more precise, detailed definitions of what causes ghosts to remain.

Okada, who died in 1971, wrote in his books that those who died in war, in battle, by suicide, in accidents and so on, usually become earthbound spirits and cannot leave their immediate vicinity.

"The spirits will remain within a 100m radius of the scene of his or her death until various rituals are conducted to purify their souls," Okada had said.

I wonder how long such rituals have been practiced. If thousands of people die in above mentioned ways each day, and have been for thousands of years, that’s a lot of ghosts!

The thought is disheartening, to say the least.

:: In-Depth ::

Is it a message from a mysterious entity, or the doctrine of a New World Order? You be the judge.

Dismantling The Georgia Guidestones

Canada Free Press March 22, 2005 by Judi McLeod

The Georgia Guidestones were ordered, constructed and paid for in total anonymity. The monument, which has stood since 1980, consists of four large stones with 10 commandments engraved into the sides in eight different languages. Some folk call them the 10 commandments, others a set of New Age Golden Rules.

The observant among you will have noticed the article is linked up at none other than the NWO hating, freedom loving, banner-add heavy website of everybody’s favorite conspirator, Alex Jones. Although he doesn’t normally cover stories focused on the paranormal, I felt this article was too strange to pass-up.

The article describes the monuments key founder as being a mysterious man that appeared from seemingly thin-air, and disappeared without a trace.

It would have been less intriguing had it not been for the bizarre message it portrays.

The first commandment or rule calls on everyone to "Maintain humanity under 500,000 in perpetual balance with nature."

This is almost word-for-word what Alex Jones contests is the mission of what he believes to be a global, ruling elite. The stones also make reference to settling disputes in a “world court.” These two words are enough to make any serious conspirator’s head spin.

A New World Order aside, what if it actually was some kind of otherworldly prophet or spirit. Are these the new-age commandments that will lead us to peace and enlightenment? Frankly, I’m not a big fan of them.

They do, afterall make a convenient peeing post for the meandering cats, dogs and lost souls of bucolic Elbert County.

Apparently few people have taken the practices to heart and it has quite literally ‘gone to the dogs.’

:: Dead End ::

That’s it for this week’s Ghost Files. I would like to thank you for reading, and hope that you enjoyed the articles presented.

Be on the look-out for next week’s ‘Files. Here’s to pleasant dreams, and Spring-showers.

~Khyron, 2005.