Ghost Files

Ghost Files


Another week has passed, and it’s that time once again. Hot off the presses, you’re smack-dab in the middle of a brand new Ghost Files.

This week we venture forth into the vast world of paranormal investigation. Straying from American ghosts, we will travel across the big pond to Africa and the mystic, British Isles.

Now prepare yourself. The ‘Files are opening…

:: Top Story ::

Petrified President, or Disheartened Dictator?

President flees 'haunted' home

12/03/2005 21:18 - (SA)


Blantyre - Malawi's President Bingu wa Mutharika has temporarily abandoned his controversial $100m palace in the administrative capital Lilongwe because he is being haunted by ghosts, a top aide said on Saturday.

So the Malawian president has a bit of a ghost problem. I guess even the remarkably rich aren’t immune from transcendental conflict. And it is quite a predicament. He describes “strange noises that keep him awake, or feels rodents crawling all over his body but when he turns on the lights, he sees nothing.”

Few things can annoy like imaginary rats crawling on your body. This is truly a serious case of not necessarily ghostly, but rather poltergeist-like activity.

The article goes on to state:

Until last year the building housed the parliament but Mutharika kicked out the lawmakers, saying it was intended to be a residence and should "revert to its original proper use".

Could the haunting be the collective minds of the disenfranchised parliament members somehow seeking revenge? Or is the feeling of rats caused by his guilt of living in a $100 million estate in a country of great poverty?

In either case, Christian clerical workers have been called in to perform, quote, “special-prayers,” as requested by the president. Hopefully this will put his mind to ease and allow him to enjoy the palace as per it’s “original proper use.”

:: Haunting ::

If I had to choose a new country in which to live, I would probably pick Merry Ol’ England. Something about the hazy, Seattle-like climate and close-knit, friendly atmosphere is very appealing to me.

Then, of course, there’s also a fine institution known as the pub. Much dissimilar to the American bar establishment, a pub isn’t just about drinking (not just). It’s also about community, companionship, and celebration.

The allure of the pub is great, but is it stronger than death, itself?


The Evening Telegraph - 14 March 2005


The identity of a ghost believed to be haunting a Derby pub has been suggested by a former policeman.

Apparently this particular pub in Derby has a patron who refuses to leave. Not because his drink has not yet been fully consumed, but because his spirit seems bound there. This apparition has been spotted in the pub wearing a cream-colored shirt.

This description sparked the memory of a Mr. Rod Repton. While working as a police officer, he describes the unfortunate passing of a pub patron on Christmas Eve of 1981.


Mr. Repton said: "He'd spent Christmas Eve in the pub but when he refused to leave, after he'd had too much to drunk, he was thrown out and he was found unconscious outside. The one thing I remember is that he had a cream shirt on.

What a horrible way to die. It’s no wonder in my mind why his spirit would return. This was his sanctuary; a place to go when the world has you down. I hope that he can find peace and pass on to whatever else is out there.

:: Caught on Film ::

Yet more evidence that England is a ghostly hot-spot.

Is this a ghost in the spire?

Halifax Today - 15 March 2005


A GHOSTLY mystery has come to light at Halifax's Square Church spire, baffling council chiefs and workers.

Instead of capturing a couple of lovebirds on film, 18 year-old Anthony Finnigan has caught what appears to be a heavenly figure. (The image can be seen on the linked article)

One of the photographers involved described his reaction in a very English-manner:


“I was gobsmacked when I printed off the photos,” said Mr. Done…

The image provided is cropped and zoomed, but rather interesting. My interpretation is a human (possibly female), with shoulder-length brown hair, draped in a red cloak or robe. Its left hand appears to hover over its chest, with its right hand stretched out towards the camera.

The article quotes a man who believes it to possibly be doctored, but if it is not, the image is definitely an excellent piece of photographic evidence.

:: Dead End ::

That is all for this week’s installment. I hope you enjoyed the look into foreign-born ghost stories.

Till next week, fright fans, stay safe and enjoy the resurrection of spring.

~Khyron, 2005.