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Welcome once again to this weekly romp in the paranormal called Ghost Files. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy it.

:: Top Story ::

I would rank funerals among the most difficult family gatherings to attend. Maybe you didnít know the deceased all that well or perhaps itís in another state, but itís just not something someone desires or plans for. Theyíre often somber, emotional events that many donít wish to participate in.

Maybe now you donít have to!

Making a Connection with the Dead

Deutsche Welle - DW-Staff (nda)

From the Article :

Many in the grips of grief will find it hard to face a visit to the grave of a loved one, while some may be unable to make the journey. Now, help is at hand thanks to the slightly macabre "Phone Angel."

Apparently, you bury this phone-like device along with the coffin, then give it a call when you feel like grieving. Wow. This has got to be one of the worst, most pointless, potentially harmful inventions ever conceived. Funerals are emotional, granted, but thatís life (or rather death), bucko. Go there, grieve, and move on; donít try to appease your guilt by having imaginary phone conversations with the dead.

From the Article :

Once the battery has run down, the temptation would be to just cut the losses and leave the device in the ground. But BrŲther has thought of that. As a result, with the Phone Angel just 30 cm below the surface, it can be dug up and returned once the grieving period is over. Customers who exercise this right are rewarded with a Ä50 refund.

I rest my case.

At first I thought this to be an attempt to recreate the controversial ĎSpiritcomí device introduced by Art Bell during the 2004 Ghost to Ghost AM. Obviously this is nothing like it and quite worthless.

:: Haunting ::

Some places, it seems, are more haunted than others. They either have some kind of violent background or particularly spooky locales. Here is one of them:

Heady Hollow is haunt for spirits

Dan McFeely, January 28, 2005 (Star North)

From the Article :

Spirits of dead children peer through the fog at motorists on Allisonville Road. The ghost of a tormented grave-robber -- who traded in cadavers until one night he dug up his own son's body -- haunts the woods that line the roadway.

The thing that bothers me most about this haunting is the children. Thinking about the suffering or fear that a child ghost must have is heartbreaking. I should hope their innocent spirits find peace.

:: In-depth ::

In the 1.28.05 edition of Ghost Files, I presented a case of live EVP recording by a Mr. Richard Smith of the Paranormal Investigations of Texas. This claim sounded a little too good to be true, so I decided to look up his credentials.

I must say that I was quite skeptical of the event, but after reviewing the website I have gained respect for both Smith and the story.

The website is nothing special and has an amateur design, but the information presented isnít all that bad. They appear to be a legitimate, investigative organization. I wouldnít mark them as likely to hoax or investigating purely for profit. I would like to see Richard Smith appear on Coast to Coast AM, and perhaps discuss his work in the field of EVP.

:: Dead End ::

Thatís all for this installment. I hope you enjoyed reading the articles and maybe even got slightly frightened (or disgusted, in the case of the Top Story). I thank you for reading and wish you pleasant dreams.