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Ghost Files


Welcome to the second installment of Ghost Files. I would like to thank you all for reading the premier edition and give a special thanks to Binnall of Binnall of America for his support.

:: Top Story ::

In my opinion, EVP is the number one piece of credible evidence supporting ghostly phenomena. It was first debunked as sound remaining on tape tracks or as some kind of electrical interference. Digital recorders and controlled testing environments, however, have been adding to its credibility. Using these new technologies, the main argument against the phenomenon is intentional hoaxing.

But how do you hoax this?

Ghost Voices Recorded Live on TV by Texas man

January 17, 2005 (PRWEB)

From the Article :

Television reporter and crew witness actual communication with ghosts! … During the seven minute recording session, ghosts voices were recorded which called them by name, and responded to questions asked.

Not only did they record the supposed voices of ghosts, they also got them to respond to specific questions. This is both the most shocking aspect if it is true, but also the aspect that causes me most to be suspicious.

Richard Smith of the Paranormal Investigations of Texas captured the voices. Expect an article on his credentials (or lack thereof) in the next Ghost Files.

:: Haunting ::

It appears that even in the afterlife, people just don’t enjoy libraries anymore. Or was it a couple of feisty coeds, instead? You be the judge.

Mysterious moaning sounds prompts evacuation of law library

ABC13 Eyewitness News (01/19/05 - HOUSTON)

From the Article :

Students reported hearing a voice calling for help from inside the walls or ceiling. It's a bizarre mystery on campus -- one school officials are still trying to solve.

According to the article, the building was recently installed with wireless internet and radio. I’d say that pretty much explains things. But we can still ask what if? Like what if an unsuccessful student remained after his death to study for the big test? Nothing is impossible, I suppose.

:: In-Depth ::

Paranormal researcher John Zaffis appeared on Coast to Coast AM on 1/25/05. I thought it proper to provide some in-depth information on this informative guest.

Zaffis has studied paranormal phenomena with a focus on daemonology for over 30 years. John’s first of many encounters with the paranormal occurred at the age of 15. It was at this time that he witnessed the ghostly apparition of his grandfather materializing in his room. He began his studies with his aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorraine Warren of the New England Society for Psychic Research and Amityville horror fame.

John Zaffis has traveled through much of Europe and North America investigating deamonic and poltergeist activity. His experiences have given him a strong understanding of good, evil, and the afterlife.

His work with daemonic possession has brought him into contact with Coast favorite, Father Malachi Martin. Zaffis had the opportunity to assist the late Father Martin in cases of exorcism. He claims participation in 85 of such exorcisms to date.

Zaffis’ first book, Shadows of the Dark, was released in September of 2004. It serves as a testimony to all that he has witnessed and to all that he has come to believe. It is available at John is also the founder of both The Paranormal Research Society of New England and a Museum of the Paranormal in Connecticut.

His interview with George Noory was interesting and entertaining. The stories of possession were frightening at times and even somewhat depressing, but such is the nature of daemonic entities. The ‘haunted clown painting’ was particularly amusing due to Mr. Noory’s avid fear of clowns. John Zaffis is obviously a very knowledgeable guest and ranks among the foremost paranormal investigators of our time.


:: Dead End ::

That is all for this week’s installment. We have once again reached that white tunnel before the great beyond. Think not of this as an ending, but as a beginning. Feel free to discuss these or other paranormal topics. And watch your back, that shadowy figure in the corner of your eye is next week’s Ghost Files. Until then, I wish you happy hunting and pleasant dreams.