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Ghost Files

Ghost Files


Welcome back to all of you paranormal junkies out there. You’ve once again found yourself in the unpredictable realm of Ghost Files.

This week, the Top Story continues my depressed rant on the failures of cryptozoologists. Next, I’ve got a rather Rorschach image of what might be a ghost. Finally, India Daily gives us the 411 on alien stealth technology.

You’d better get ready; here come the ‘Files…

:: Top Story ::

Keep ‘em commin’…

One Legend Found, Many Still to Go

By WILLIAM J. BROAD - Published: October 2, 2005

Science, of course, is in the business of shattering myths with facts, which it did again last week when Japanese scientists reported that they hooked a giant squid - a relatively small one estimated at 26 feet long - some 3,000 feet down and photographed it before it tore off a tentacle to escape.

Monster lovers take heart. Scientists argue that so much of the planet remains unexplored that new surprises are sure to show up; if not legendary beasts like the Loch Ness monster or the dinosaur-like reptile said to inhabit Lake Champlain, then animals that in their own way may be even stranger.


Hot on the heels of last week’s ‘Files, here we’ve got another article about the great photograph taken of a giant squid. Although I was quite pleased that we finally have this indisputable proof of this particular crypto-creature, the find really has me depressed.

As I said last week, if we are able to get such great photographic evidence of this sea dwelling creature, what hope do we have that we’ll find Bigfoot, Nessie, or Champ in a much more limited habitat? Save for clearing the Pacific Northwest of forests or draining the Loch Ness, what else can be done to find these mysterious creatures?

This article takes a tad more optimistic approach to the situation.

The world is so vast, scientists argue, new discoveries are bound to happen. Perhaps we may even find something so fantastical that no one would have even imagined its existence. What the article also points out is that many cryptozoological finds are made by accident.

I think that might be the key, here. The first sightings of Bigfoot and Nessie would have to have been on accident (if no one knew of their existence, they wouldn’t be looking for it). Maybe if we just stop looking for awhile, Nessie will swim up on the shore and flop around for a while, disappointed at the lack of publicity.

Maybe our persistent searching is only causing the creatures to recede deeper into the darkness.

:: Caught on Tape ::


Angry Ghost Caught On TV?

BBC - Created:10/1/2005

Televisions crews, psychics and paranormal investigators have been flocking to a store in Gloucester, England, that seems to have video proof of the existence of ghosts.

After finding the store a mess one morning staff at Poundstretcher on Eastgate Street examined CCTV footage of the night before.


Obviously, someone who writes a weekly recap about ghosts has an inclination to believe in them. It’s true, I am a believer. Although there’s no real single piece of evidence to support my belief (EVPs come close), photographs have been rather lacking lately.

For those that follow the updates on CoasttoCoastAM.com, you may have noticed a recent influx in crappy ‘ghost’ pictures. From cigarette smoke to dime-a-dozen orbs, there’s really nothing substantial.

Which brings me to this article.

Described is a pretty standard ghost tale. People find objects moved about in a building with a history of death and violence. Yadda, yadda, yadda, it’s haunted. But what gives this story a bit more pizzazz is the included photo.

They outline the shape of what could be a human form captured in a surveillance camera. But without the outline, I probably wouldn’t have noticed anything. It’s a stretch, but it’s still better than some of the other stuff out there.

Give it a look; try to keep an open mind.

:: UFO ::

More real fake news.

What you need to view an extraterrestrial UFO?

India Daily Technology Team

The biggest question for the common folks in every country is what can they do to see UFOs like those in defense research communities do?

The answer really lies in understanding why you cannot see an extraterrestrial UFO. The alien civilizations are of four types. Type IV is the most advanced and they apply virtual particles as stealth. They are very difficult to see.


I love articles that present outlandish, yet highly specific information without even hinting at where the information is from. Mentioned here are not only four different kinds of alien technology levels, but also what form of stealth the levels use.

George Noory reads an occasional IndiaDaily.com article on Coast to Coast AM. As with the Russian news source Pravda, it presents some of the more esoteric and unbelievable stories you’ll find on the web. And although many suggest that India is working closely with aliens (perhaps even to the point of full disclosure), there’s really no source for most of the articles they present.

Take what you want out of this particular article, but I think all this four kinds of aliens stuff would make a good sci-fi book. Now just to find the time to write a novel…

:: Dead End ::

That’s all for this week’s installment. I trust you enjoyed this weekly recap of some of the finer paranormal material on the web.

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Keep on guard for next week’s Ghost Files, sneaking up on you from the void.

~Khyron, 2005.

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