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Ghost Files

Ghost Files


Welcome to the first Ghost Files news report. This is to be a periodic (hopefully) summary and editorial regarding ghosts, shadow entities, and electronic voice phenomena. The news articles presented will cover paranormal investigation, integration of esoteric theory into mainstream media, and some good ol’ fashioned ghost stories. My goal is to stimulate discussion on the topic of ghosts/entities. Please feel free to post your thoughts and reactions on the information I present.

:: Top Story ::

I subscribe to the theory that the souls of those who die in a sudden or violent way may not realize the body’s death and are far more likely to become a wandering spirit. Perhaps the shock was too great and the soul fears passing through to the other side. Or maybe they had an important task that went uncompleted.

In either case, few events could be more sudden or violent than the catastrophic tsunami that devastated much of the Asian coastline. Hundreds of thousands of people killed in a violent tempest of water and debris. Spouses widowed, children orphaned, entire families lost—this event caused tremendous emotional and physical damage.

With that I present to you this:

“Fear of Ghosts Torments Tsunami Survivors”

-- Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press.

From the Article :

People in Thailand, Indonesia and elsewhere tell stories of seeing shadowy shapes and hearing cries for help from the water.


The numerous ghost sightings have brought terror to an already traumatized region. Buddhist monks are rushing by the hundreds to those areas most badly hit by the wave.

“Buddhist monks lead prayers to cleanse Thai beach”

-- Copyright © 2004 Agence France Presse.

From the Article :

The four-hour ceremony closed with a mass prayer session at a large square on the beachfront where the chief monk, holding a microphone, led the group in chanting prayers of blessings under cloudy skies.

According to the article, the Buddhist belief regarding ghosts is very similar to the one I previously described.

"Buddhists believe that when people die unexpectedly, their spirits are not at rest. They think they are still alive so they hang around here looking for their way home," said resident Yongsak Natpracha.


:: Ghosts in the Media ::

With the release of Universal Picture’s White Noise, I was optimistic that it would give mainstream recognition and discussion of EVP (electronic voice phenomena). It appears, however, that it has had the opposite effect.

Reviews portray the film to be somewhat of a bomb. Nothing more than a cheap Hollywood attempt to bring Michael Keaton back from the proverbial grave.

This quote from the Hollywood.com review says it all:

Jonathan [Keaton] is then contacted by a man who claims to receive messages from Anna through Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), a form of clairvoyance in which the dead can communicate through such electronic devices as radio, television and computers. Well, that's just plain crazy talk!


It appears as though this important subject has been reduced to pure entertainment—and apparently not even good entertainment. Though what can really be expected from Hollywood?

:: Celebrity Ghosts ::

Looks like New Zealand’s ‘greatest explorer’ has returned to haunt none other than his famous Nimrod Hut.

“Shackleton's ghost haunts Antarctic hut conservation project”

-- Copyright 2005 STUFF National News, 19 January 2005 By HEATHER TYLER

From the Article :

…and when I opened the door - it's a rather sort of bare hut inside - but I distinctly saw Shackleton walking towards me and welcoming me and then it all sort of flashed away and he was gone.


:: Dead End ::

That’s all for this week’s installment of Ghost Files. But it need not end here—please feel free to discuss these or other ghost/entity related topics.

Keep on the lookout for next week’s Ghost Files; assuming of course that I do not become one of the files. Until next time, keep your cameras loaded and recorders recording.