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    Goblins Attack!

    In 1947, the modern UFO era kicked off with Kenneth Arnold's sighting of objects near Mount Rainier, Washington. Arnold's initial sighting led to a plethora of other UFO sightings worldwide. Shortly after these sightings, people began to report not only UFOs, but occupants within the crafts. Whenever the media would report on the occupants, they were mockingly referred to as "little green men." Although this was meant as a term of derision, some people supposedly did see little men.

    On an August night in 1955, Billy Ray Taylor and his wife were visiting the family of Lucky Sutton. The Suttons; Vera Sutton, JC Sutton, Alene Sutton, and three Sutton children, lived in the rural town of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Glennie Lankford, June Taylor and O.P. Barker were also visiting the Lucky Sutton house. Early in the evening, Taylor went outside of the Sutton house in order to get some water from the outside pump. Just a few minutes later, Taylor rushed back into the house exclaiming that he had just seen a flying saucer fly over the house, hover around the woods, and descend into a gully located nearby the home. No one in the family must have taken this very seriously, as there was no investigation to determine what this may have been.

    An hour later, the Sutton's dog began to bark, so Lucky and Taylor grabbed their guns to go see if they could find what was upsetting the dog. The dog ran under the house, frightened by something, and would not return until the following morning. While outside of the house, Lucky and Taylor were amazed to see a 3½ ft tall being approaching them with its arms raised up. They would later describe the being to witnesses as having a large round head, long thin arms that extended nearly to the ground and legs that didn't appear to move. The hands of the being seemed to be out of proportion to the rest of its body and looked more like the talons of a bird than human hands, while its eyes also appeared to be glowing with a fire that was the shade of yellow.

    Being the good country folk that they were, Lucky and Taylor decided to shoot first and ask questions later. When the bullets from their rifle and shotgun struck the creature, it back flipped, landed on its feet, and took off back into the darkness. At this point, the men went back into the house to check on the family and tell them what had happened. When they rejoined the group in the living room, they were astonished to see the same, or similar, being at the window. Again, Lucky and Taylor took a shot at the creature and the creature flipped backwards and retreated into the shadows. At this time, the men were certain that they had either killed or at least wounded the creature(s), so they went outside to see if they could locate the bodies.

    Taylor walked outside, but paused on the porch for just a moment. Suddenly, from the roof, a talon reached down and grabbed his hair. Alene pulled Taylor back into the house the house and Lucky fired upon the creature which caused it to release Taylor and fall from its perch. At this point, it's not clear who, but someone noticed that one of the beings was in the tree. So both Taylor and Lucky fired at the creature knocking it from the limb, however, instead of falling straight down, the being appeared to float to the ground.

    This siege lasted for a little while longer before the group could no longer stand it. Everyone ran to their cars and took off towards the police station in Hopkinsville. When they arrived and began telling their story, it was obvious to the officers on duty that something had happened to these people, as they were clearly shaken. A few sheriffs' deputies and the chief of police, Russell Greenwell, accompanied the Suttons and Taylors back to the house. Once the police arrived, they searched for a long time, but could find no apparent trace of anything out of the ordinary. They did, however, see plenty of buckshot that told them many shots had been fired that night. Although the police couldn't directly tie it to the sightings of the apparent beings, in a few places that Taylor and Lucky had fired on the creatures there appeared to be a strange green luminescence on the ground, the source of which the police were never able to determine. Much later, Greenwell would remark to Ufologist Isabel Davis, "in and around the whole area, the house, the fields, that night, there was a weird feeling. It was partly uneasiness, but not entirely. Everyone had it. There were men there that I'd call brave men ... they felt it too."

    Ultimately unable to truly prove anything, the police left the family to resume their duties. A little later, Glennie Lankford spotted another one of the creatures back at the same window and told her son Lucky. Of course, Lucky wanted to fire on it, but Glennie told him not to, as the creatures, though certainly bizarre, had actually done nothing to harm them that night. Lucky fired at the creature and, as you may expect at this point, the bullet did nothing and the creature retreated back in to the darkness. The being's presence lasted until dawn.

    So what happened that night? Did Martians send their first scouts of the invasion to a Kentucky farm, or did some good ol' intoxicated farm boys have a party that night? If we are to believe Glennie Lankford, there could not have been any alcohol at the house as she did not allow any. Let's take them at their word, that they were in fact "attacked" by beings from elsewhere. I do think it is interesting to note the strange feeling that all of the members of this incident shared. Let's also combine this with how well the appearance of the beings matched the pop culture image of "little men" from outer space. I personally feel that this particular encounter makes more sense if the UFO phenomena is subjective to personal interpretation compared to objective: In other words, in some unknown way, the UFOs appear to us as we think they should based off of society or say local news reporters who described the "aliens" as "little green men."

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