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GOD -- In His Great Flying Mothership

When I was really young, maybe 10 or so, my father said to me, " God is the original scientist." From that day forth, armed with the that bit of wisdom, I always saw God as some great master magician who's supernatural power was nothing more than an advance science our little brains would never comprehend. After that, God had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the unknown.

When I told my mother I wanted to be a scientist---a BioAstronomer, she barely blinked an eye. Maybe to her it was just affirmation that I, the weird kid, was finally going to search the cosmos for aliens. I now look back and realize it was the beginning of my search for God.

So, here I am, some 20 years later, picking up pieces of insight here and there on what the UFO Phenomena may or may not be, and for some reason I see a lot of God in the equation. Anne Strieber recently said in her latest insight Article that she believed the visitors were the dead.

When I read this I was immediately pulled toward my bookshelf where I'd spent years collecting books on the fallen angels. Why did the dead comment strike a nerve? And then I found it…the Rephaim. Fallen angels who were said to be like the dead, walking. I could be wrong but I could have sworn the *supposed* fallen angels were good at mimicking the dead.

In the bible, fallen angels are the ultimate decievers. But so are the greys people report seeing.

Then there's this story about a giant footprint, already being associated with a giant ape, without any careful examination. Am I the only one thinking giant? Which by the way brings us back full circle to fallen angels.

The dead are often seen with wings, just like angels. Wings are associated with flight. Where do those angels fly off to after they save people from car wrecks and drug overdoses? Disneyland. Or maybe the wings are just another way of saying they fly. Fly how? In what? Which means they are coming from someplace that requires flight for travel.

And now, Yahweh the UFO caller has come to associate UFO's with God and his angels. None of this is new. Infact, it all goes back a very long way. Gods from the sky, coming down to earth and dominating humanity; it's a story as old as time. So how come no one's acknowledging it's probable similarities with the UFO phenomena?

Let's just say hypothetically that what we know as fallen angels are infact extraterrestrials who perhaps rebelled against their leader. Let's say their leader was a very talented scientist who could recreate worlds and put life in those worlds. And let us say this leader/creator made us, gave us a planet to live on and considered us *its* greatest achievement/experiment.

Then let us say, the lesser scientists were a bit jealous. They wanted to outdo this great magician. But they failed miserably, creating abominations we now relegate to myth and malarkey.

It's totally hollywood by todays standards, I know. But bare with me. I'm just trying to be open to the probability that this is all connected somehow. I mean, if you really take a moment to think about it, is this really as far fetched as some of us have come to believe? Is it any crazier than believing your dead aunt can talk to you through John Edwards?

Fallen angels and E.T.'s have a little too much in common. UFO's, no matter how hard we try to fathom what they are, are just the greatest enigmas in existence. They are machines, as far as we can see and yet we have no idea how they do what they do? Does that make them supernatural? Maybe it just makes them really old. Older than us. Older than the world.

Imagine future archaeologists coming across an ipod and having no information on it…does that make it some great monolith of ancient ingenuity? "Wow, this must be like a religious artifact used to call on rainclouds or something. Wait! I think it's talking!"

Across the world, other cultures have no problem associating their God/Gods with the beings in flying contraptions, destroying civilizations with ancient deathrays. In their ancient historical texts, their gods live in the sky and use technology so great it's almost mystical. And they have no problem with this. To them it's common knowledge.

But for us here in the west, it's okay to go ghost hunting, ufo hunting, bigfoot hunting and the like and never associate any of these things with one great diversion. Maybe they are all from the same source. Maybe none of it is as weird as we think. Maybe we are just too primitive to get what's going on.

Maybe God is not only the greatest scientist/magician ever…maybe he's also the worlds greatest imaginaire.

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