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Think Positive

I remember when I was younger, and a huge fan of Raquel Welch. She made a comment about the end of the world was coming and who cares anyway. I canít quote her verbatim, but I remember thinking about the negative mentality she projected and how everyone I knew was thinking the same thing. Who cares, the world is going to end anyway.

Fast forward to DREAMLAND, the September 15th pod cast. I listened with eyes popping out of their sockets as Daniel Pinchbeck handed Whitley Strieber an argument, that at first seemed pertinent, and then by the end seemed totally unnecessary, and yet, my eyes were opened.

You see, we hate way too much. And we pass on negativity the way parents pass on ideals or eye color or character traits. Thinking negatively toward our species own end has become the human condition.

People have been predicting the end of the world for decades. People sell books on 2012 all the time. People write TV shows about Apocalypses and Armageddon and we take it all in. We want MAD MAX and RESIDENT EVIL and JERICHO. We want dusty landscapes, dying species and wars between tribes of survivors. We want the end. Why?

Iíve been contemplating this for sometime. Especially in the realm of UFOlogy where people (not mentioning any names, ahem), rally on the perspective that humanity is nothing; that Extraterrestrials are so much greater, smarter, fitter, fasterÖmore productive than we are.

How so?

Please, someone. Anyone, explain to me how it is we can have NO comprehension of the flying machines these beings travel in, or the means by which they travel (inter-dimensionally, etc.), or what they really truly look like, butÖwe KNOW for a fact that they are BETTER than us!

Are you kidding me?

And so comes the belief, perpetrated by people in the field, that we are nothing. Isnít this bad for our survival? Does not this kind of thinking breed the very end we glorify? Who do we blame for this lack of respect for our own species?

The Bible displays endlessly that we answer to a higher power and that we are servants at the feet of powers beyond us. Everyday we surpass our own expectations and yet we ALL HAVE THE SLAVE MENTALITY. All of us. We all think we are here to serve a greater good, and yet, we are NO good.

We all want to be better than what we are. Just look at our media. Look at our entertainment. Being a Robot, an Alien, A superhero or a Monster is far cooler and far more awe-inspiring than being a human.

Being a human was bad before we even knew why.

It could have started in the Garden of Eden.

It could have started with Hitler.

Does it really matter? This toxic way of thinking needs to end.

Extraterrestrials may have things we consider so beyond us, but for all we know (or donít know), they could be very good at sleight of hand. They could be skilled projectors of a reality that resides in their/our heads. They could be a lowly, dying race zooming around in the skies in a technology that isnít even theirsÖhence the crashes.

They could be Demons; spinning theories in the heads of abductees in a race to out do God. Or they could be us---a part of us trying to break free from our subconscious. Whatever they are; whatever we are; whatever I am and whatever you are, no one can ever tell me I am no good because I am human.

No one can tell me my species is doomed to extinction based on the deeds of a few stupid people with no morals. No one can sit before a microphone and blatantly speak on behalf of the whole human race espousing theories that have not been corroborated and probably never will.

So yes, Daniel Pinchbeck asked Whitley Strieber how certain was he that the Visitors werenít feeding him negativity. I ask, how certain are we that SOMETHING out there isnít feeding us ALL negativity. How do we not know that our downfall will come only because we want it and we only want it because we are foolish enough to believe we deserve it, and we believe we deserve it because something/someone else, completely UNWORTHY of being human, tells us.

How do we not know that Extraterrestrials arenít just jealous because we are what they can never be: Beings with free will.

I have the will to see humans survive whatever great calamity comes our way and you should to, because it is your duty as a human. Iíve yet to see Dolphins trying to wipe each other out. I have yet to see any other species try to inflict such damage on itís own kind, and for what? Because we didnít get an A+ in TRAVERSING THE UNIVERSE IN LESS THAN 1000 YEARS?

We have researchers making projections about a possible extraterrestrial species, supposing they are so great and so much more magnificent in scope than we are, and yet, they canít even land in a public place and talk civilly about their motives.

And I can just hear it now, ďWhat?! Have them land on the White House lawn so that stupid, lowly humans can nuke them?Ē Yup. That is just how predictable people are. Someone is going to say that. In fact, more than a handful of people are going to say that. What do I have to say to that?

ďThink positive.Ē

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