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Spirit Knocks And Haunted Bangings

When I was in college, I learned two things: never tempt a spirit entity, and never, ever spend a year in a haunted dorm room. While others were out getting plastered and refining the method of sucking beer through a nostril, I was losing sleep.

The knockings were the first giveaway. The greatest excuse the supernatural has is 'old, creaky houses'. This was no old, creaky house. It was a former mental facility turned dormitory and it was telling its secrets.

Spirit bangs and spirit knockings get a bad rap (pardon the pun), thanks to the swarmy mediums of old. Knocking on the underside of a rigged table was an easy way to make a buck. But the first spirit knockings go way back, to biblical times.

Angels, those effervescent emasculated beings of light knocked on doors. They bid entry like vampires. But observers of those biblical epics never actually said angels knocked on the door so much as there was a knock or a bang, and behold, an angel...warning you to get out of dodge.

Physicists are probably more familiar with phantom knocks and bangs in the realm of quantum mechanics where universes are predicted to pop open, with the urgency of a vaccuum cleaner in reverse.

So what are phantom knocks and bangs exactly? Are they actually physical manifestations of a hand to the door (or closet wall), bidding entry? Or, are they just the inevitable creaks and sighs of an old house we like to call the universe?

Perhaps blackholes make such sounds when sucking in and subsequently spitting out whole worlds. Maybe interdimensional travellers are familiar with such sounds as they enter and exit world after world, after world. Or maybe phantom sounds are just that---phantoms.

Maybe they have no rhyme or reason. Maybe they just are. Maybe they aren't there to begin with. It could just be one of those things we humans make up as we go along. Like...God.

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