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Random Questions on Teleportation

Most people want to fly; to stretch out their arms; extend them like winged appendages and take to the heavens. Some people want lightning quick speed---the ability to be anywhere in any given space in time, in the blink of an eye. Personally, I’ve always favored teleportation.

I fancy being able to jump to and from work, without a Charlie card, or, seeing the great pyramid on my lunch break. I wouldn’t mind catching the sun peeking through the megaliths of Stonehenge, at solstice.Teleportation always seemed like the one superpower that had limitless possibilities for adventure. It seemed like a lot of fun, until I started thinking too much. I started thinking ‘how exactly does one teleport?’ Do you just envision a place and then, poof! you are there? And if so, what if you don’t know what the place looks like ahead of time? Then how can you see where you’re going?Better still, what if you make a mistake?

What if instead of some island in the Atlantic, you’re envisioning some island you read about once in a storybook? What then? Could you teleport yourself right into some sort of limbo where all the nonexistent destinations live, like lost souls?

What if the power of teleportation isn’t so easy to control? What if it takes an exceptionally strong will? Could a person mistakenly teleport while asleep? Would an especially vivid nightmare that takes place in shark infested waters trigger your teleporting abilities, thereby dumping you in the middle of shark infested waters---while you’re still sleeping?

And what about the energy expended? How to refuel? Could you wear yourself out? Would it take two minutes or two hours before you are fully capable of teleporting again? Because teleporting into the middle of a Zombie horde, in an attempt to save loved ones, only to realize you can’t leave right away would really ruin things.

Speaking of which, would a teleporting human have to constantly consume calories just to have the energy to stand up or talk, let alone teleport?If you were teleporting to Aruba, could you take someone with you? Would they have to touch you, or would they have to keep a certain distance for it to work? What would happen to them if they let go, mid-transit? Would they be lost in some space/time vacuum?

During teleportation would one be able to catch brief glimpses of the spaces inbetween? Would there be things living in these spaces---Phantoms lost in limbo by universal design? And if so, would it be possible to attract extra-dimensional hitchhikers? Lastly, would teleporting from place to place leave tears or ripples in the places to which and from which one teleports?Would doorways open up? Would others eventually be able to pass through, like man-made wormholes left behind as records of previous, inexplicable jump from one point in space and time to another?

Now that I think about it- would a teleporter actually be able to jump through time itself, not in a same point in time sort of way, but into parallel, converging time lines, in multiple universes? And if so, would it be possible to jump into a world where teleportation doesn’t exist at all as a concept, let alone an actual reality, thereby leaving one stranded in a strange world, forever?

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