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Counter Intelligence

Bigfoot. Nessie. Chupacabra. Mokele Mbembe. Mermaids. Unicorns. Uncle Fester.

For decades, elusive crypto-terrestrials have eluded us like a winning lottery ticket, and for some it’s enough to make a believer into a skeptic. For others it’s just more fuel for the fire.

To be told there is no Yeti in the Himalayas only makes a quest that much more interesting, which is why I applaud and salute those who have braved the condemnation that comes with seeking the unknown. But I gotta draw the line somewhere.

My line divides awe from stupidity and it’s becoming a pretty thin line. This story about a bigfoot body was stinking like a corpse from the get-go. Yes, I was intrigued. Yes, I was a little high on the possibility that the rest of the world would finally turn to Loren Coleman and say, “Dude, you were right all along!”

But no…instead I watched as the anomalist updates on the story made it ever clearer that there are some very sad people out there who will do anything for attention.

If you have to wake up in the morning and concoct a hoax of this magnitude, for attention, then you have a problem. If you think you can get rich producing a FAKE bigfoot corpse, you have a problem. If you have a press conference to whore out your FAKE bigfoot corpse, YOU. HAVE. A. PROBLEM.

This is the attack of the stupid all over again.

Remember the 1950’s UFO wave? It was replete with sycophants. “I’m an alien. I had sex with an Alien. My mother’s an alien. We’re all Aliens. Aliens live in my baseball cap.”

You’d think that once we hit another millennium it would be easier to separate the kooks from the rest of the pack.

Most unfortunate.


I think we’ve given these ‘people’ (I won’t even stoop to calling them what they really are), enough attention. I think it’s time to start becoming a little more elitist.

Yes, I said it. The Esoteric community needs to start taking applications. It has come to this. When someone comes out with a cockamamie story and that person just so happens to be the same person who comes out with a story every year…well, we don’t want that person representing us.

There needs to be a roll call. No weirdo’s, media whores, liars, cheaters, I-wanna-find-a-monster-and-get-famous schemers need apply. I am looking at certain people and yes, I am pointing fingers.

*You are made of fail.

You have reduced this community to stupid diatribes on LARRY KING. You have made it that much harder for hard-core researchers to even make headway with work that has taken them decades. You are of ill-repute and the next time you venture into the Georgia Wilderness…do us a favor and GET LOST.

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