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I Want to Believe ... Again

So, Roswell has been in the news again. The 60th anniversary celebration took place on July 4th.

That date has never sat well with me. I mean, how long was the debris there before it was discovered? What if the Roswell crash occurred on June 14th, 1947 as has been speculated? Wouldnít that make the official anniversary date way off base then, and not on Independence day or even on July 8th, when the official report went public?

Roswell is a point of contention with me. Roswell is the reason I bought a poster, much like the one that hung in Agent Fox Mulderís office back when the X-Files meant everything to a burgeoning Ufologist. It says, I WANT TO BELIEVE, and in permanent marker I etched in the word, ĎAGAINí.

I donít believe in Roswell any more.

I donít see how anyone can. There is nothing left to go on. People have died, and with them, their stories and corroboration. Some stories have been proven to be anything but the truth. Details have changed or been proven false entirely.

In all honestly, Roswell pisses me off. Yeah, I said it. I am sure a few people are going to add me to their dump lists after this, but a UFO, possibly from another solar system, fell to earth in 1947, back when we didnít have cell phones, plasma screen tvís, Ipods and cgi, and yet the men of that day managed to one-up us for 60 years!

For sixty years a lie bigger than religion itself, has eluded us, despite our supposed technological prowess. I just can't get behind that.

I dissect the entire chronology, down to the moment Gen. Roger Ramey grinned for a public snapshot, with an unknown telegraph in his hand, and something about it all just makes me want to walk away from Ufology altogether. Thereís a deception so deep and vile that itís probably going to take the lot of us the next 60 years to dig through.

I donít have another 60 years to delve into this. It should be done already.

Sometimes I think that whomever it was that concocted what would eventually become the greatest story NEVER told, is winning. Yes, people...we, the researchers, enthusiasts, promoters and proponents of the world wide weird are being duped on a regular basis, and we keep going back for more.

If I had it my way, I would leave Roswell alone. I wouldnít touch it at all. Forget researching it, forget writing about it, expounding on it, or even lamenting about it.

What if we stopped talking about it all together?

What would happen then?

Maybe a few decades would go by, and the men (or women) who started this propaganda would die out, and maybe the security on the whole thing would go lax, because someone without a name and a face, in a nice suit, in an unmarked vehicle decided that no one cared anymore, and just when the door was left open...some one would get in. Some one would find the truth for us all.

What truth that may be is open to debate. But we are beating a dead horse people. Seriously.

Either we study Roswell the way it was meant to be studied (scientifically and without bias), or we just drop it all together.

Because truth be told, the more we hang onto the Ďmythí that is Roswell, the less we look into events that are happening in our own time, and in our own space, that are easier to document, categorize and study solely because we donít have to rummage through 60 years of red tape.

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