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Heroes & Legends

The death of Michael Jackson may have inspired many to pursue their dreams, to strive for greatness, or perhaps to heal the world---make it a better place. Whether we care to admit it or not, many people are born to inspire the rest of us. To wake us from the global malaise. To make us rethink the wrongs in this world and make them right.

This is what happens when legends die.

In the Ufological/Esoteric/Paranormal community, the death of John A. Keel is no different. If you are lacking in your research; if you run off at the mouth, always assuming you are right and ought to remain unchallenged, well it's time you took a look in the mirror.

John Keel was an investigator. John Keel was a pioneer. When you think of John Keel you ought to feel the scope and the magnitude of the mysteries of this community and what it all means. What does it all mean? What the heck is it all about if no one's paying attention? That's probably what most researchers are thinking when they bust their asses, day after day, looking for answers to the things everyone else ignores. Because the rest of the world is sleeping. And why not? They've been pampered for hundreds of years. They've been told time and again what the 'truth' is and why they ought to believe it.

Never challenge the so-called truth. Never blaspheme the name of God (by thinking outside the church). Never say Einstein was wrong. Never, ever...ever...challenge the guys who have PhD's and went to schools you couldn't afford to go to without a winning lottery ticket. This is what life has become. No matter how good you are, no matter what truth you seek...if you're not part of the elite, no one is listening. But you see, some people actually manage to put a hole in that theory. Some people come around, every once in a while and they stand in front of you and they tell you, passionately, and with purpose that the things you believe are wrong. And sometimes, just sometimes, if you are looking up at the stars and wondering how it is that in all that glorious light, we are the only ones who can look up and wonder, well, then it's the people who get you thinking who make life worthwhile.

I was a girl when John Keel opened my eyes. I was the girl who wanted to journey to the stars and find our alien brethren. I also wanted to be the President of the United States, and the Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve and maybe even some brilliant astrophysicist. I wanted to seek and find the ultimate truth to our existence. You see, we have things in this world none of us can explain to this day. We have people in this world who come up with explanations, no matter how absurd, just because they can. Because no matter what crap they spew, there's a sucker born every minute.

I was never a sucker. John Keel didn't appeal to the suckers. John Keel classified cryptozoological beings. John Keel talked about the Mothman when others shunned the entire ordeal because they failed to see the importance of the reports from the people whose experiences shed light on a phenomena that is really ancient and worldwide. John Keel gave me more questions, which I believe was the whole purpose to his work. He wanted you to ask the questions. He wanted you to take what he learned and he wanted you to make it bigger, broader, better and maybe even a little more awesome.

People will write about John Keel. People who knew him well. They will say things like maybe Keel was a little 'off', or maybe he was a little 'odd'. None of that matters to me. Because my heroes can dance in tutu's (Flinders Petrie), forget to comb their hair (Einstein), or die in obscurity or poverty (Tesla), and it doesn't change a thing. It doesn't change the fact that they embraced the questions. They looked into the void and pondered. They did it out of curiousity, for the passion of the pursuit, and they did it for people like me: the ones who would come up behind them, needing a footladder, or a map or a gps.

John Keel paved the way. I don't care who you are, what books you have written or how well you thought you knew him. He opened my heart to the esoteric. He was brilliant. He was introspective. He was a pioneer, and dammit, he was f_cking awesome. May he rest in peace knowing that whatever my generation does...our research, our discoveries...and maybe even all of our questions, upon questions, upon questions...asked to inspire another generation, they are all because of him.

John Alva Keel, you didn't know me. I can't say I knew you. But I knew of your spirit, your passion and your mission. May you rest in peace.

...And, Thank you.

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