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Parallel Worlds
(And Why Some Things Aren't From Around Here)

Like every other geek in the world, I saw the Star Trek movie. I loved it. But I walked away with my little brain waxing somewhat hypothetically about Parallel Universes.

A few days later I saw the Fringe season finale. Again, parallel universes were at the fore. Never mind the fact that both productions are the creation of the J.J. abrams.

I thought about writing what I knew about parallel universes as the basis for my next Eso article.

So there I was a few days later, sitting on the train, reading Michio Kaku's Physics Of The Impossible. I was reading Mr. Kaku's thoughts on teleportation when he segued into Quantum computers. I was totally immersed as the train stalled from one station to the next; making it inevitable that I'd be late for work.

Then something weird happened. Kaku discussed the matter of wave particles of a dead cat being the same as that of a live one (Schroedinger, of course). He went on to say he would discuss the theory more in depth in chapter 13. Thirteen... Such a trippy number, right? Because I skipped to chapter 13 and guess what chapter 13 was about? Parallel Universes.

I'm afraid this topic wants me to discuss it. So pardon any scientific errors that may proceed, but I am starting to see more and more the likelyhood that some of the stranger things we have come to know, may not be from around here. At least not from this world.

There are three specific kinds of Parallel Universes which have stirred up plenty of debate in Scientific circles. The first is Hyperspace (Or, the idea of Higher dimensions/ Fifth dimension). According to some of the greatest minds in science (especially Einstein, who's idea about such things were left wholly incomplete upon his death), the discovery of such a place would explain EVERYTHING.

In Hyperspace no one can hear you scream. No, I'm kidding. The idea of Higher Dimensions is akin to what some religious types would dub 'Heaven'. There's no evidence for the existence of such a place, but that hasn't stopped scientists from debating about it.

So let's assume it does exist. What sorts of beings would a Higher Dimension be home to? Should there be such a place, perhaps it would explain the ideas of God-like beings from antiquity. Perhaps it would be the same place from which 'beings of light', or 'Angelic' being's emerge. Did Elijah ascend to Hyperspace? How about Enoch and Jesus? Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Michio Kaku describes Hyperspace as thus, "Imagine fish swimming in a shallow pond. They might never suspect the presence of a third dimension, because their eyes point to the side, and they can only swim forward or backward, left and right. A third dimension to them might appear impossible. But then imagine it rains on the pond. Although they cannot see the third dimension, they can clearly see the shadows of the ripples on the surface of the pond."

If we are the fish, then surely the gods must be looking down on us from somewhere beyond the rain.

The second type of parallel universe is the Multiverse. Much in the way Hyperspace has been used in science fiction to explain the things that happen between leaps of the imagination, so too has the idea of the Multiverse.

The Multiverse is expressed in 11 dimensions. The eleventh being the place where you'd imagine the top tier of Arch Angels residing. The Multiverse is 'The Unified Field Theory', or Theory of Everything. The multiverse leaves room for 'other' things to dwell. Things like Faeries who like to lure humans into caves...where they age differently...and return home when everyone else is dead. Or, Elves like the Tuatha De Danaan who descended on the Hill of Tara (that is if you don't believe they were aliens).

Multiverses can explain how Bigfoot can appear and disappear, how the Lochness monster can live in the loch and still remain unseen. This reminds me of a story in Three Men Seeking Monsters (By Nick Redfern). A group of mystics, known as The Nine, worked a ritual that opened doors into parallel worlds and summoned creatures, like the Loch Ness monster. If such a thing did happen...well then, there ya go, folks.

The Cormons, as Redfern refers to them, are the 'denizens' of worlds beyond our own. To entertain the possibility of Parallel worlds cuts down on all the other ideas out there, regarding where such things may come from. We live in a big world, indeed. But is it really big enough for all the things we think live in it?

The last type of Parallel Universe is the Quantum Parallel Universe, or the 'land of Schroedinger's Cat' (as I like to call it). This all follows the Copenhagen School, or idea that there are two paths. Either the cat is dead, or the cat is alive. You may be a mild-mannered school teacher in this world, but in the other one...the one where the path deviated from one specific action, or point in time...you may be a notorious evil-doer.

The Quantum Parallel Universe is where alternate selves, shadow people and ghosts may reside. Residual hauntings may be glimpses into a QPU. Awakening suddenly in the night to find some dark form standing before your bed may explain QPU. In comic books, Parallel Universes are at the crux of almost every story. The DCU has multiverses. Worlds where Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman rule with an iron fist. Worlds where Lex Luthor is a supreme leader.

Having an alternate path invokes the idea that if your life is bad here, it may be ten times better in the other. On the Fringe, the QPU is home to a world where JFK was never assassinated and the Twin Towers never fell.

Many researchers exploring the Paranormal, Ufology and the Esoteric see parallel worlds as that one missing element that can explain a variety of things: How Ufo's can disappear and reappear in the sky, for example. The possibilities, the ideas and the explanations are endless. In a parallel universe, should it exist, Ufologists may be as respected as physicists in this world. Or perhaps, in a parallel world, ufology may not exist at all. Why would it in a world where flying saucers are as prevalent as cars?

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