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The BSG Hypothesis (or why Battlestar Galactica matters)

To all you fans who have but a mere four months to see your favorite show return, I pity you. You donít know what waiting is. Youíre spoiled. You donít understand that the really, really good shows; the ones that become canon, usually donít come back so soon. In fact they leave you lingering...longing to be part of something far bigger than American Idol.

You should try watching Battlestar Galactica.

For months I have seen the drool left by over eager fanboys, on magazines laden with covers of---Heroes. I pity them too. And I pity every UFO magazine, and esoterically cultivated magazine that has never thought to add Mary McDonnellís gorgeous face or Edward James Olmosí placid mug to their covers. For therein lies the ultimate truth in the unknown.

What if we are not native to this planet? What if we are but sitting on a precipice? What if our ancestors of the deep ancient past came here on ships, from long dead worlds, to find a mythical place called Earth? We should be so lucky.

The story begins with an Exodus.

Anyone biblically inclined knows of which I speak. Twelve tribes inhabited 12 worlds and 1 tribe went in search of a mythical place called Earth. They were the 13th tribe and they are the focus of the current series; the re-imagining. Emphasis on the Ďre-imaginingí. This is not your fatherís Battlestar Galactica.

As of the end of the 3rd season, the President, prophesied as the Dying Leader is dying...again. Four seemingly normal humans have discovered that they are anything but, and the entire BSG universe has been thrown asunder. One will die, One will be a cylon, One will find earth.

There is a hypothesis for every thing. Hypothesizing is essential to learning about the world we are in, if you cannot construct a world view, than you can not see the world from within, and in the world of UFOlogy/Esoterica, hypothesizing is a quantum force to comprehending the unknown. And yet, no one has even remotely postulated a BSG-like Hypothesis.

This is not a rehash of the Ancient Astronaut theory. In the BSG universe, there are no aliens. Instead the enemy is from within. The enemy is creation itself. A legion of cybernetic humans who have found God. Not a pantheon of (g)ods, but one supreme God.

The ideology of the show is an amalgam of many religions, many myths and many various legends, and yet it all comes together in one cohesive package that makes me think, what if it has all been done before? That too is the premise of the show: everything that happens will happen again.

So, this leaves me free to speculate on the same grounds on which every other researcher or curious individual delving into the straits of the unknown has speculated: What if? Truly, what if the Battlestar Galactica premise is just as probable as the possibility that life sprang from the center of the cosmos; riding on the backs of meteors, or that God set two individuals in the center of Paradise and said, "Be fruitful and multiply."

When you consider it, we are asked to believe absurd explanations for everything, and we rarely, if ever question them. Yeah, Iíll believe that we, as humans, as incredible as we are, have humble, simple beginnings as creepy, crawly one-celled organisms when someone can show me just exactly how that works. But since I, nor the scientists hypothesizing such a thing have a couple billion years on our hands, Iíll settle for what I can wrap my head around.

We may or may not be from this planet. No one can say that either assumption is correct nor ridiculous and that is the beauty of Hypothesizing.

I wonít try to explain the universe because truthfully, I donít want to know everything. But hypothesis alone is not the knowledge of everything. It is the probability of something. It is the opinion that carries the belief that carries the assumption. It is a maybe.

The whole world is one big maybe.

So maybe our ancestors came from somewhere else, and maybe they were stranded and maybe every great monolith is a marker, on the road to a mythical place...a post...a stop...a map back home.

Or maybe it is not that simple. I would like to think that if there is a greater knowledge to be had it is this: Everything that was, is, and will be again. So maybe one day, while we are too busy delving into the life of a hotel Heiress in prison, or another celebrity wedding or who will resume Rosie OíDonnellís post on the View, a great galactic ship, housing thousands of souls will land on the white house lawn.

And when the hatch opens, Humans no different than us will exit, and one will trip and stutter and yell, "Frak!" And the universe will laugh at us...again.

Or maybe, I watch too much TV.


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