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The Way of the Sword

I've had some theories in my lifetime. I can't say I fully believe in anything, but I do give a lot of thought and consideration where it's due. For instance, I think it's very possible that the Sphinx in Egypt once had a female head, and not a lion's head. I think it's very possible that we are the descendants of space refugees, and that signs of ancient and lost technology have made their way into tales of old. Tales of re-known.

I think it's very possible that some beings from space are flying around in very old machines that they don't even know how to build, if given the time and inclination. That perhaps they've forgotten their past just like us. Or, that the monsters and abominations people witness daily may be the only things native to this planet.

These are not beliefs. They are more like me hearing something that sounds possible and going, "Hm. I can get behind that." And why shouldn't I? If it makes sense, or if there's nothing really substantial to debunk such claims, than who am I to stand up in the audience and go, "Yeah right, buddy. Keep smoking the good stuff."

So, recently, I came up with another 'theory', if you can call it that. I am sure I am not the first, nor will I be the last. Do I believe it? Hey, belief is relative in my universe. But can I get behind it? Totally. You see, once upon a time, a genius of a man named Nikola Tesla built a coil. Some probably think he was the first.

I beg to differ.

The ancients had a totem; the tree of life. In the mythology of many cultures the Tree of Life bore a strange fruit and gave the gift of immortality. In others, it was a sign of the interconnectedness of all living things. Some have hypothesized that the tree of life is a metaphor for DNA, and may even (in some cases) resemble the DNA strand.

The Japanese version is what peaks my curiosity most. Lightening bolts are seen emanating from the tree. My first thought upon seeing this was: The Tesla Coil. Yes, they seem worlds apart; a tree about life and a contraption that generates electricity. I'm not saying they are one and the same. The symbolism is what gets me.

What I am saying is that it is possible that the Tree of Life is a representation of some actual 'thing'. Something that actually gave life or may have generated something our ancestors believed was alive.(I'm thinking Dr. Frankenstein here.) An ancient form of electricity. Maybe something related to whatever was in the Ark of the Covenant.

For some this may be as strange and nonsensical as two nuns in a bar, but just think about it for a second. To this day, we are still in awe over the things our ancestors did. We like to think we are so lofty in our scientific/intellectual pursuits. So much so, that we tend to look down on our ancestors. Well, guess what...great Pyramid. I still don't see some bright engineer figuring out that one. Or how those epically humongous stones of Baalbek were transported. I'm waiting for some of today's best and brightest to give me the low-down on that too. Or, the quick rise to greatness of the Sumerians. And the giant stones of Sacsayhuaman are still waiting for someone to figure them out, too.

The point is, how can any of us scoff at the idea that our ancestors were capable of harnessing electricity when they were capable of so much more? They could do things we still can't do, and yet we don't think they could have found a way to light their tombs without lanterns, or power their small villages without fire, or better yet, create weapons that didn't require long hours shaping a flint stone?

There's a part of me that has way too much respect for human ingenuity. It's very easy to think that because it was soooo long ago, no one was capable of anything other than hunting mammoths and speaking in grunts. Just imagine five hundred thousand years from now, after our world has collapsed a few times and been rebuilt. Imagine the day someone looks back on us with what we've been able to achieve, and looks at some of the most unfathomable and mysterious creations of our day, but finds something as simple as a wooden spoon that may or may not have been a toy.

All of a sudden our civilization is written into the history books as having been incapable of harnessing electricity, building computers, or Large Hadron colliders... and all because of something as simple as a wooden spoon. "Oh, they ate with wooden spoons. They couldn't have been that bright." We can just as easily become a blink in the eye of evolution. And all because our greatness was overshadowed by our humanity. Seriously people, it's time to stop judging the sands of time before we've even actually gotten knee deep in it.

My theory still stands. Ancients and Electricity. And I don't smoke.

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