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Mountains of Madness

I used to have this recurring dream ... I was climbing Mount Everest, or maybe Mount Kilimanjaro...who knows what mountain. It was majestic and harsh and I remember people falling off the edges, but somehow I kept going and just when the air in my lungs expelled one final time I saw in the distance, beneath a snow bank, a door. A huge door. A door fit for a giant.

I woke up every night thinking, "What if there is a castle on a mountain somewhere, thousands of years old and covered in hundreds of feet of snow? Would that be crazy ?"

Mountains have been a source of wild claims since before the written word, so perhaps my ancestors had the same dream. That's if it was a dream at all.

Across cultures mountains have been revered as abodes of the (g)ods; dwelling places of strange beings. In the Book of Enoch, Mount Hermon is said to be the place where the Grigori (Watchers, or Fallen angels) fell to earth and dwelled for a time thereafter. Jesus is said to have transfigured on one of the summits of Mt. Hermon. God himself once came down to walk on Mt. Sinai.

In Hindu mythology there is Mount Meru, the mountain at the center of the Universe. It too was the home of the (g)ods and many depictions of it can be seen today at such sites as Angkor Wat and various Hindu temples.

Did such a place exist? Is it possible that maybe our ancestors derived the idea of the pyramids from such mountains. A Pyramid is in essence a perfect representation of a mountain, with a peak, a slope and a summit.

In Greek mythology we have Mount Olympus, also a dwelling place of the (g)ods. The pattern is undeniable. Mountains and (g)ods have an apparent connection. But why? Mount St. Helens is associated with the (g)ods as well. Gods at war were used to explain Mt. St. Helens unpredictable eruptions. Mount Shasta was the home of a Chief/ God who descended from heaven.

Over and over the story repeats itself. Hundreds...even thousands of mountains, some sacred, some feared and some tourist attractions for great hikes and snow white skiing. But the lore is strong, unerring, and too similar to dismiss. Was there one story of one mountain that somehow made it's way across the globe?

In June of 1947, Kenneth Arnold spotted a cluster of objects near Mt. Rainier. Mt. Rainier has gone through a series of eruptions and active volcanoes are typically the focus of myths and legends, however I was hard pressed to find any info regarding what the Native American tribes that dwelled on Mt. Rainier had to say about its prehistory.

It seems there really isnít any mythology attached to Mt. Rainier that would give a Ufologist an ďA-HA!Ē moment. But the idea of researching more into the possibility of a connection is tempting and I have found myself reading countless guidebooks on the best mountains to hike and the ghost stories and fables attached to them.

Mountains are mysterious. To our ancestors, watching these giants grazing the clouds with peaks that seemed to reach into eternity, may have been enough to associate these monoliths of nature with the unseen world. But there are some mysteries regarding mountains that cannot be dimissed.

Why did the ancient Incans build Macchu Picchu so high up in the mountains that the earth could yield no vegetation? Better still is the site of choquequirao, situated just next door to Macchu Picchu, a monolithic graveyard on a Mountain. What possessed our ancestors to travel so high above sea-level, where agriculture was harder to come by and the persistent cold made it hard to travel for food?

I doubt very much that our ancestors were so naÔve as to move on a mountain to worship (g)ods they knew didnít exist, which is why I have dared to believe that they worshipped, traveled to, and lived on Mountains because there was something there. Something unusual, powerful and perhaps even frightening. They looked into the Mountains of Madness and never returned.

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