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Werewolves in the Mist

This is not your typical Hollywood horror story. No matter what your parents may have told you, Werewolves are real. I know this to be fact, because Iíve seen one. I wouldnít be the first. People have been seeing werewolves for ages. It has been said that werewolves even participated in the first Olympic games. In Native American cultures, the Skinwalkers are said to turn into werewolves. They are often referred to as powerful shamans with the ability to shape-shift; this is sacred to them. A Native American will never divulge the secrets of the Skinwalkers to outsiders.

Werewolves are not a thing of the past, however. Consider the Beast of Bray road. Sightings of the werewolf persist to this day. Countless sightings documented by Linda Godfrey, (to name just one) refer to the werewolves roaming around Washington County, Wisconsin. Recently, the media documented a sighing in which a truck driver caught a clear view of a werewolf like creature, on a quiet deserted road...in the middle of the night. This parallels completely with a sighting I experienced some years ago.

What are these elusive creatures? Are they men with the ability to transform into beast or is it a special, yet unknown kind of beast with the ability to transform into a man? What is known is that they are humanoid in appearance. Theyíve been seen walking on their hind legs, and not to say that movies are in any way realistic, but the werewolves created specifically for the film "Dog Soldiers" are the most precise looking werewolves Iíve seen, (in reference to the sighting I had).

Up until my own sighting I had no regard for so-called werewolves. To me they were just a product of overactive imaginations. To hear a tale of a werewolf sighting was like seeing a Lon Chaney movie being replayed behind the storytellerís eyes. It wasnít until my sister had an encounter, and subsequently I endured my own encounter, only then did I see the significance of such cases.

Some twenty years ago, when my sister was seven, she saw something that has stayed with her to this day. Even now, to ask her to recount the tale is to see her shudder from the memory. Itís a good story, yes, but it is also true.

She was walking across the yard from one side of the house to the other. It was about 9pm and a quiet midsummer night. She had a bowl of rice in her hand and since she had walked the same path across the yard for years, she didnít expect what she found. Across the street she heard a hiss. She turned toward it and in the distance, some 20 feet away, under the street light she saw what she could only refer to as "like a man". Not quite a man though, because there was something off about him.

He extended an unusually elongated finger and beckoned her near. In the light of the street lamp she saw that his eyes glowed blood red and his teeth were pointed and yellow. He wore long dreads in his hair and smiled at her, but the smile she said was an evil grin that made her blood run cold.

She dropped the rice and ran back to my grandmother's door, screaming and banging until finally my grandmother came to her rescue. That night my sister did not sleep a wink. Instead she woke me up periodically throughout the night and begged me to talk to her. I understood then as I do now that what my sister saw was real.

In comparing werewolf sightings from the past to those of the present, todayís werewolf sightings are missing one element however that needs to be established. They have not attacked any humans. In fact, they hate to be seen and have been known to act aggressive towards humans who have seen them, but it is a aggressiveness akin to a celebrity incognito, being stalked by the paparazzi.

Some may even venture to say that werewolf sightings are actually Bigfoot sightings. But what I saw was NO Bigfoot. In fact, while digging for historical records that may account for the origins of the Werewolf, I did find something rather interesting: The Dog-faced people.

Cynocephaly comes from the old Greek word "cynocephalus", or Doghead. This may be the most logical explanation for the dog/wolf-faced creatures we refer to as werewolves. One such famous dog-faced man was St. Christopher, but there was also the lesser-known St. Andrew.

The Marmaritae people were said to have been extremely tall and dog-faced in countenance. This description of the peoples of the Marmaritae tribe also ties somewhat with Biblical references to abominations, or mixings of humans and animals to create monsters.

The Egyptian God Anubis was a Jackal-headed man. Are all of these connected? There exists a letter in which a priest questions whether or not the Dog-headed people ought to be considered human. This was actually a question among the clergy of his day! Does this mean these people did in fact exist? And if so, could they exist to this day; savages among modern men with no place in the human family tree?

So what did I see that night, some seven years ago? A remnant of the human past, or a man transformed into a wolf, as weíve been led to believe, via comic books, movies and television shows? I have never really tried to dissect it like that.

I was on a bustling residential street that suddenly turned quiet, as if a switched had been flipped. The air was static-y and there were no cars coming down the road and no lights on in any of the houses that lined the sidewalk as I headed home. What I saw was a large humanoid, almost eight feet tall, with deep red eyes and a snout. His hands ended in long talons and he parted the bushes and peered out at me. We stared at each other and I was so lost at the sight of him that when I gathered my bearings and ran away, it took me a few minutes to realize that I had left my bag behind.

Everything about this encounter was reminiscent of various encounters throughout the ages in which out-of-place creatures have seemingly appeared out of nowhere, only to disappear back into the dark moments later. For instance, the abrupt absence of sound and the blood red, penetrating eyes. Let us not forget the static discharge in the air that left an almost crackling, or popping sound for seconds after the beast had disappeared.

The werewolf it seems, is just as elusive as Bigfoot. But I venture to say that the two, although inextricably of the same vein of the paranormal, are not the same. I am inclined to believe that these two beings walk on two separate planes that never overlap and perhaps never will.

The mystery, for now, continues, but I for one have opened my mind to the probability that somewhere in the dark, in a place that people rarely go, lies a remnant of the past long since relegated to myth and legend before its time has passed.

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