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Gods or Mutants ?

History is complex enough without us adding to it. Some say the men who write history make history, and perhaps it's for the best that ancient history hasn't been recorded nearly as well. But for the historical records that have been left for generations and generations to decipher, there is the burden of suspended belief.

If certain texts are to be taken seriously, than what are we to make of the great monsters and men of ancient times? Most specifically, what are we to make of gods with multiple limbs, heads like jackals and bodies like fish? As time goes by, civilizations rise and fall and people become weary of such beliefs, but some cultures hold on to what they can neither prove nor disprove.

In India, if a child is born with two faces, or a few extra legs, he/she is not a freak of nature. No. Instead they are gods incarnate. They are symbols of VISHNU and his four arms, or BRAHMA and his four heads. There is no concrete way to prove the existence of such gods, other than to take note of their deeds in ancient texts, but there is proof of the existence of such individuals born with multiple limbs.

Considering this I started to wonder, were the Gods of Antiquity really gods, or were they mutants; people born with abnormalities who because of their differences were elevated to god-like status(?).

The Hindu's are not the only ones who express a belief in such gods. In Egypt we see gods with the heads and bodies of animals. Any conclusion can suffice to the believer. Maybe the 'gods' were hybrids...experiments of some kind. Maybe there were beings who existed in the deep, dark past, possessing the likeness of multiple life forms. Or, maybe they didn't exist at all. The thing is, I have seen no proof of people born with the kind of genetic abnormalities that would give them dog-like faces, cat-like faces or bodies like the sphinx.

So what are we dealing with here?

In the realm of the Esoteric it's so easy to bounce around theories regarding such things. But in the end, there is no conclusion satisfactory enough to be provable. We are still chasing after Hairy men, Wolf-men and little grey men, in the night. We are still seeking the elusive Loch ness monster. We still keep our eyes to the skies for our celestial neighbors. So how are we going to find proof of a fourheaded god...and a similar being mentioned in the bible as an angel with four faces?

The only way I see proof every coming to light is in the form of a massive excavation. Egypt is still nowhere near the penultimate in its long lost desert-covered discoveries.

So imagine what lies under the surface, waiting to see the light of day. Perhaps the tomb of some cat-headed god lies in wait. The architecture of India is replete with Ufo-like motifs and the multicolored gods that dwell within. Perhaps someday an excavation will yield some reward...like the fabled VIMANA's.

And what of the great wars between these elusive great gods of old? Whole cities burned to the ground. Whole peoples decimated to the point of non-existence. The tales of old wars between beings in flying crafts has been around, I suspect, a lot longer than our concept of scientific thought.

So, the latest story in the news is about a baby in India born with two faces. This child is being visited by people of faith, from villages across the country. This child is a blessing to these people.

But what if this child have been born in the United States; with our advanced technology, our proclamations of a god many of us no longer believe in, and our perception of vanity as a theatricality in the realm of reality TV—what would come of such a child? A two-faced kid in America would be a celebrity no different than a freak in a freak show, and then the doctors would swoop in and save the child; making it look just like everybody else.

And if not that, at least guaranteeing him/her a spot on the Discovery Channel in a few years. So what of them gods again? Maybe they were gods because they could do what the average person couldn’t. Maybe they were gods because they were so different the people had no choice but to treat them differently.

Or, maybe they were gods, simply because they WERE gods. There’s no way around that, but I suspect the proof is out their somewhere. Much like the truth. It just depends on who’s writing it.

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