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The Nine

Thereís a 50 (or so), year old story circulating the web. Some have compared it to the Blair Witch Project. Personally, it reeks of the Twilight Zone in every possible way. Nine Russian friends, all experienced skiers, fail to return home. According to the evidence, they rushed out of their tent in the dead of night, in their underclothes, even though it was reported that two of the bodies were found clothed in the garments of their dead friends.

There were seven men and two women, one of which was missing a tongue. Family and friends later commented that the victims were all tanned and had grey hair. Their skin and clothes contained high levels of radiation and none of them...I repeat...none of them were subject to external injuries.

For all the incongruities, coupled with the possibilities that a UFO cover-up has been added to the tale, none of it excited me more than...well...the number nine. Yes, nine. There were nine people, in the woods, in the dead of night, in a UFO-heavy area.

This entire case reminded me of a story I read not too long ago about nine members of nine elite families stepping into the woods to convene under some large trees, hoping to summon some ancient, diabolical god.

Itís just all too uncanny for me.

When you add UFOs to the story, some people flinch and some people perk up. I mean, it would be so easy to just wave off this story as a case of malevolent E.B.E.ís traipsing through the Russia countryside, looking for humans to experiment on. Their usual M.O.,. But then there are other things to consider.

Things like, why nine people? I mean, why not four or seven? And why did they run out in a mad dash for their lives? Why did they separate? Who was out there, among them? Who was chasing them? What was chasing them?

The area was sealed off for months after the incident and the case wasnít re-opened until the 90's and itís hilarious--- not in a macabre sort of way, but in a you-can-never-trust-the-government sort of way, because they did everything they could to cover it up.

But still, after all this, all I could think about was the number nine. The number nine has so much occult and esoteric meaning, that even if we do overlook some elements of this particular case, I canít help but think that perhaps the fact that there were nine people plays a huge role in what happened that night.

First off, no matter how many new planets are discovered daily, our solar system has nine distinct planetary bodies: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which was recently reduced to a planetoid, but still bares significance to old astrological beliefs related to the power of the number 9.

The Pantheons of the Greek, Egyptian, Etruscan, Celtic and various other cultures have nine gods. There were nine muses. The Mother Goddess is associated with the number 9. The Hebrews believe the number 9 is the ultimate truth.

Nine is the only number that when multiplied with another number, equals a number with a nine. The Ennead, a sacred and ancient symbol, is a nine sided star. The number nine is associated with Satan, as well as the death of Christ.

Nine is a Masonic number. The Mayans believed in nine time keepers (Lords of Time). The number nine resembles a partial spiral, and the significance of spirals are as old as mankind...particularly in mathematical theory. Cats are said to have nine lives. When you are happy, you are on cloud 9.

Buddhist rituals of significance include 9 monks. Music and sports have esoteric associations with the number 9, whether it has to do with curses or luck is up to the believer.

There are nine tiers of the Angelic order.

The number nineís significance in the occult is staggering. I already mentioned the nine gods of the pantheons of great civilizations, as well as its association with the Masonic order, but also consider, in witchcraft, the number nine is essential for most incantations and invocations.

Recently, while searching the web for any extraneous info on the number 9, I came across a meme regarding the number 9's role in the recent death of a female leader. Everything, from the year she was born, to the years of her life and the events in between, added up to the number 9.

Revelation 9 is the coming of the Antichrist.

I could go on for pages about the number 9, but I donít think I need to. The fact of the matter is this: 9 people went into the snow-laden forest that night. Nine people. Nine people is a very significant group of individuals to, letís say, some Satanic worshippers looking to invoke something.

Nine people is significant to the universe for some reason, just like nine sides of a star are, or nine planets or huge mathematical theorems or nine gods...and because we are usually so privy to believing that there are dark things out there that wield greater power than us, how can we not accept the fact that the number nine is just as significant to them?

What if the nine people in the forest that night were enough to make whatever it was out there, stalking or watching them, take notice? Would they have been any more or any less significant if they were one more or one less a person?

I am speculating just like everyone else, but I am also open to the idea that something, not only sinister, but highly intelligent, is at work here. Nine people ran off into the woods that night, and NONE of them survived. There were more men than women, and yet none of them could fend off whatever it was that lay claim to them.

For all we know it could be something so simple we havenít even thought of it yet. Or, perhaps...just maybe, something was already there, and nine peopleóa significant number of people just happened to make whatever little thing there was, that much more interesting.

We may never know what happened that night. Itís been 49 years and we still arenít too certain, but I am willing to believe that if it had been seven people, we wouldnít be talking about it right now.

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