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Alien Invasion : Fact or Crap ?

Underground secret bases. Ancient astronauts. Reptilians in Government. I’ve heard it all, and then some. There was time when I was open to the possibility of an alien invasion. I mean, why not? We live on a beautiful blue planet that can sustain millions of sentient beings. If you were living on a cold, dead planet, or worse, a cold spaceship…earth would be a veritable paradise.

Only thing wrong with this theory is that no one’s invaded. At least no one I can see. Maybe they invaded ages ago and we just don’t know it. Or maybe they don’t know how to invade because as useless as we think we are, we are a force to reckon with. We do have nuclear weapons. Never something to brag about, but it is something that invokes fear, and its no secret that many saucer sightings have been near nuclear bases.

Erich Von Daniken and Zechariah Sitchin are proponents of the Ancient Astronaut theory; that we are a race of slaves, created to serve the gods (with a lowercase ‘g’). Well, maybe some people have been brain-damaged by Hollywood, but I can tell you from growing up on the streets of Boston, you can’t make the people bow if they don’t want to. So I am of the belief that if Aliens did invade in antiquity, then it is quite certain that the people rose up against them.

Which brings me to the crux of the matter ... if aliens want to invade, why don’t they?

From Sumer to Persia, from the ancient Mayans…across the globe to the ancient Egyptians, in ancient India, right on down to Iran, tales of ancient powerful super beings are synonymous with history itself, and it seems every time the ‘g’ods had power, they abused it. They had wars, between humans and each other. They destroyed cities, and other gods. But they never succeeded in invading.

I could be wrong, however. The Bible does mention fallen angels teaching humanity about all kinds of technology: astronomy, chemistry, and even how to smelt metals to make jewelry, etc. So perhaps the easiest way for them to invade was simply to influence the people or to gain the people’s trust.

The plan would have been simple. Come in peace; make the people believe that they are nothing without the gods. Create places of worship so that the people will erect effigies and have sacrifices to such gods and in turn promise them protection from famine and pestilence. This created a belief system and the foundation of religion. The people were swayed to the dark side without even knowing it. The Mayans were seduced with chemicals that made them malleable to the point that throwing their own offspring into a pit, for some dragon deity was considered a good thing.

Today our concepts of superhuman intelligence have changed, but it hasn’t gone away.

Instead of the fiery depths of the netherworld we have underground bases. In these bases, secret experiments; abominations of nature, are created and destroyed. Some believe these creations have escaped time and again to feed on lost children and hikers gone astray.

The underground bases idea has been spreading like wild fire lately. Maps have been made, and theories have been concocted to explain away such mysteries as the immeasurable amount of missing children annually that have never been found.

How do underground bases figure in the Alien Invasion scenario? Well, it is a scary thought but they figure in quite well. Deep in the depths they are free to do whatever they want without detection. They are free to experiment, free to feed on the flesh of humans (or so I have been told), and free to negotiate with the powers that be.

Thinking about underground bases reminds me of the countless caves containing evidence of human occupation. Why did our ancestors hide in caves and create tunnels in the earth? What were they hiding from?

Consider that if we are being invaded, it is with the cooperation of certain folks who are either in cahoots with malevolent alien forces or just plain stupid. This brings us to the theory of reptilians and bloodlines.

I have had the great fortune of never, ever seeing a reptilian. However, considering the things I have seen, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss them as mere fantasy. According to David Icke, the entire English royal family is reptilian and so are some pretty influential and powerful people in the U.S.

Reptilians are nothing new, and neither is their influence. The first reptilian to influence humankind was in the Garden of Eden, as the snake in the bush. Although many Biblical scholars have stated that he was neither a snake nor a reptile, but a humanoid of reptilian countenance.

Afterward, ancient peoples recounted tales of men with heads like vipers, fiery serpents and dragons. These beings were never good, and cavorting with them was always followed by death and destruction. Ancient rulers were so intrigued by these beings that they had their craniums molded to resemble these beings. In Sumer, small idols of female, reptilian-like beings with large craniums and slanted eyes have been uncovered.

So, were we in fact invaded in the past, or is this all just a bad science and even worse, bad intelligence? What if underground bases run by extraterrestrials is a form of disinformation to keep people away from such places so that the government is free to store whatever it wants underground without interference?

As for Ancient Astronauts, what if some really smart men got tired of foraging for food and sleep on the cold, hard ground and decided something had to be done about it? Thus came the civilizations that brought us language, architecture and, yes, religion.

And, finally, what if Reptilians are nothing more than a mere concoction of the human subconscious? A remnant of the days when our ancestors ate strange plants and danced themselves into frenzies?

No, I don’t buy any of that either.

But I can tell you one thing, although I am not leaning toward stockpiling supplies for an oncoming invasion anytime soon, that doesn’t mean I am not going to consider the possibility that if they were here before and they mucked things up, then they might be dumb enough to come back and try it again. And if that is the case, I know a few people in Boston who can handle the problem, if you know what I mean.

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