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Melancholy and the Infinite Madness

UFO reports are on the rise. I don't know if it's always been this way, just sorely under-reported, or if this is some new thing that we should all be paying attention to. What I do know is I haven't seen crap in the skies where I live. You'd think if this was a massive UFO moment, there'd be a sighting or two within city limits. Then again, maybe no one's reported it yet.

I think every Ufologist worth mentioning would love for the day of reckoning to come. To be able to turn to the sceptics and say, "I toldja so!" And sometimes I do feel the moment is coming. Sightings become more and more frequent and the next thing you know, the average citizen is being interviewed about some sighting, in someplace, USA. The bones start to tingle when this kind of thing goes down.

You go to bed with visions of UFO's and little GREY men flashing the peace sign, dancing in your head.

But then you wake up in the morning and there's another story. Someone's already debunked it. An explanation has just drained the veri similis from your little universe. You start to feel like the lead in a JJ Abrams show. Or worse, like a HEROE in HEROES who's just been caught in a solar eclipse and lost all your superpowers.

Debunking things that haven't even been properly validated is like saying no to a date who hasn't even introduced his/herself yet, just because you don't like their clothes, hair or the number of grillz in their mouth. It's called prejudice, and it makes me sad. Sad moreso than angry or agitated or annoyed because it's never going to get any better.

It doesn't matter if UFO's do land on the White House lawn. It doesn't matter if Superchicks from Orion hand us the cure for cancer. It doesn't matter if TV characters from a parallel universe come through into ours, in their spaceship and promising to help us stop world hunger. No matter how absurd, if it's possible and if it happens, someone's going to chalk it all up to madness...hysteria...photoshop. Because if they don't land on your lawn in a flying beamer, wearing Hugo Boss and promising to save the economy, then they aren't worth noting.

Still it would be nice if just once. ONCE! Just one itty-bitty time, a sighting would occur that would set us all on the path to seeking answers, collectively. We aren't going to come to any conclusive understanding if we are divided. And we are divided. Some of us believe something is going on. Some of us know something is going on. And some of us refuse to acknowledge something is going on.

One day, when I am 80 and my great-grandkids are drag racing in their flying cars, and the moon is covered in city lights and all of my organs have been replaced by artificial ones and my husband is a Robot and my best friend is a cloned Egyptian Princess, I am going to look back at all the times we tried to write off things that didn't fit into a neat little box. I'm going to shake my head and remind myself that all the crazy things you can ever imagine are only a stone's throw away from reality.

UFO's may be a joke to some of you now. But you just wait.

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