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Spiritual Defense

God can save the Queen. No one ever questions that. In fact, they expect it. The church has built its power on the belief that God can save the world...but first, you have to follow a few rules. And, if youíre really, truly lucky, God will save you, "just because." This is belief, or so Iíve come to understand it. You believe it; hence, you can make it so.

In that regard, I started thinking about belief in prayer. You want something so bad and you pray for it. Itís like a wish with religiosity behind it. Instead of a genie in a lamp, youíre expecting some angel to intercept it and bring it to the attention of the big ĎGí. Sometimes, they come true and you start to believe even more, but then there are those times when your prayers donít get answered...at least not in the way you hoped, so you start to question the validity of a spiritual greatness, and a creatoróa Grand Poo-bah in the sky.

Well, I donít have any proof to hush the blasphemers, and on the same coin, I donít have any proof to strengthen the grip people already have on their beliefs. What I do have is my belief that there is such a power in prayer, and I donít know where it comes from, or why itís there, but it is there and I think itís about time we started a little experiment.

THE LORDS PRAYER occurs in the New Testament twice and even though there are variations of it---It is still the most well known Christian prayer. It is believed that it was recited during the Sermon on the Mount. It is simple to remember and according to wikipedia, on Easter Sunday of 2007, some 2 billion Christians recited the prayer during mass.

It is, in essence, the prayer to end all prayers.

It is also, in my opinion, a spiritual shield. It is a powerful incantation and itís the basis for an experiment that I hope will pick up on the web, so as to validate my belief that prayers do have poweróeven if the power comes from the recitation and not the prayer itself.

Iíve had experiences in my life, particularly of a malevolent nature, when it seemed like no one and no thing could save me. No one ever tells you just what to do during a spiritual attack. In the world we live in, these kinds of things donít happen. And if they do, they are best left unspoken.

There was one particular incident of Sleep paralysis/The Night Mare, which was completely horrific. I tried to wiggle my toesÖI tried to call for helpÖbut it felt as if this *thing* was consuming my energy. The more fearful I was, the more powerful it became. But how was I going to muster up any courage when all I could think was this thing was going to suffocate me. So, in a last act of desperation, I said The Lords Prayer. Not once. Not twice. But three times.

They say third timesí the charm.

After that experience I came to discover not only did The Lords Prayer work, but it worked if I said it 3xís. I donít know why, but I could feel the power of whatever was trying to possess me, waning. And so it went.

Whenever I found myself in any spiritually negative situation, like the time my best friends and I invoked a spirit that would not leave. Check. Or, the time I exited an elevator onto a deserted floor of a major hospital and was confronted by a dark force. Check.

The Lords Prayer became my salvation. So, I started asking around. I wanted to know if I was the only one using this particular prayer, because for all I knew, it could have all been in my head.

But I was wrong.

My sister had an appendectomy a few months ago and was prescribed Vicodin. She had never taken the drug before, so was not privy to its side-effects. As she recounted to me the feeling of being watched and then pounced on by unseen entities, I listened reluctantly, because I had heard this before from various other people. Then she said something that snapped me out of my resolve. ďI donít know why,Ē She went on to say, ďBut something compelled me to pray, so I said the OUR FATHER, like three times, and it was gone.Ē

Three times.

I have asked a few people since if they have had to invoke The Lords Prayer for any particular reason, and I have been met with wide-eyes and, ďOH MY GOD! I thought I was the only one!Ē I have since told people when they come to me for advice on esoteric matters, to invoke The Lords Prayer. I canít cite specific documentation to support the probability that The Lords Prayer holds power over evil, but itís an old prayer. Its source isnít exactly known, and it I have no idea if any well-known demonologists have support for my theory.

It would be nice to be validated on the matter, because I am not completely done trying to figure this out, so I am asking, on behalf of my little experiment- for proof. If anyone out there has invoked The Lords Prayer for any reason and seen results---if it has managed to defeat evil---if it helped you to overcome a haunting, an abduction of the extraterrestrial kind or anything, let me know.

(If Bigfoot started chasing you but veered off in the opposite direction because you said this particular prayer, tell me. If you invoked The Lords Prayer just as the Mothman was pouncing on you, tell me. Heck, if you invoked it at the casino and won ten thousand dollars, I want to know.)

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