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Parallel Lives

We live in a world where war rages, and still we wake up in the morning, drink our coffee, read our carefully moderated news and continue on with our narrow existence. There is a monotony and a cycle to everything, and then you go to sleep and awake the next morning to do the same thing all over again.

But has anyone ever stopped long enough to wonder what would happen if things went in an entirely different direction. What if there is a world, parallel to this one where you didnít get your morning coffee, or read the paper, or heck, didnít live on the same street, or in the same country? What if there is another you and that other you exists...in an another realm?

The idea of other worlds has been permeating the human psyche for ages. Fantasy authors have given us a glimpse into ulterior worlds where strange creatures and stranger places lie. Thatís all well and good if itís in the mind of George MacDonald or J.R.R. Tolkein, but as science is privy to saying, the world is comprised of multiple dimensions. So how would you cope knowing for certain that another you, living a far better life resides in a universe or dimension parallel to our own?

Iíve been thinking about this for sometime because as a comic book aficionado, I have seen the multiverses collide in the DC Universe, and I have seen the clash of the titans in "Marvel's Ultimates" ... world versus world. And recently, Stephen Kingís "The Mist" has made its way to the theatres. A government project gone wrong produces damning effects when a hole into another dimension unleashes creatures of varying sizes and extremes.

Weíve all heard the stories of government funded experiments into the probability of worlds lying next door to our own. Not to mention the popularity of Star Gates, Worm Holes, Black Holes and anything pertaining to travel through the space/time continuum, a phrase coined during the era of Star Trek.

So, is it possible that such worlds have collided with our own...in the remote past perhaps? Consider the out-of-place stories of people not exactly from around here. Particularly the faery lore. If we go back thousands of years we come across the legends of the Children of Dana...the Tuatha De Danaan, who were said to have been fair-skinned, white-haired beings from another world who came to settle on the Hill of Tara.

From there comes tales of great kings with the blood of gods who slew dragons...who are not creatures known to science at all, and yet tales of the Dragon persist to this day. Then there are the tales of ghost ships that seem to come through a tear in time, only to disappear again into nothing.

Recently there was the story of John Titor, a supposed time traveller who ventured onto the web to tell of his exploits before vanishing again. The reason why this is significant has to do with the theory that time travel is reliant on multiple dimensions. What has happened has happened and thus, to travel to the past you are not travelling to your own, but a parallel past in a parallel universe.

In essence, John Titor, if he was not the construct of someoneís imagination, was a realm jumper, or multiverse traveler if you will. Itís all far-fetched when you consider how this sort of topic and be used to sustain some less than favorable ideas, but consider Mac Tonnies recent ideas about cryptoterrestrials...and the added ideas of others that perhaps we are visited by beings from parallels universes all the time.

Even more compelling is the belief that extraterrestrials themselves are nothing more than residents of various different realms.

To some researchers, Aliens and Faeries are inextricably linked. There stories intertwine time and again. In faery lore some unsuspecting victim of the fae folk is taken down into the faery world to dance, drink and be merry. On the surface world time will pass normally as years fade into decades and then centuries, whilst the guest of the fae will emerge unchanged by time.

In the bible, stories abound of Elijah visiting heaven, perhaps through a portal of some kind. And in Egyptian mythology it was said that Isis was the keeper of the gate between parallel worlds.

The wealth of information on parallel universes and the fact that science has done more to prove the possibility only makes it that much more enticing for the average person to sit in on a film like the Lord of the Rings, or the recent fantasy film THE GOLDEN COMPASS, and wonder in awe at the worlds beyond our own.

I for one sit and wonder what the other Tinaís are up to. Just as I am sitting here, typing this article, is there another me, dawning a cape, saving the world. Or, perhaps there is another me who is an evil dictator, annihilating a people because of their beliefs. Whatever the dimensions, and whatever the alternate me may be doing, that is all good and well, so long as the day never comes when a rip in the fragment of space and time occurs.

I think the last thing we can all look forward to is a Zombie invasion...or worse, a Zombie Marvel Superhero invasion. Just sayiní...

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