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What's So Hard About That?

Humans have been around long enough to know that we're but fetuses compared to the universe. We are the dots on the canvas of a huge painting and our lives are but moments in the infinite foreverness of blah, blah and blah.

I'm not going to get philosophical because it's not necessary. But I will say that I am seriously tired of people playing stupid. How is it we can build weapons of mass destruction, a telescope that can see other worlds and robots and we still can't accept that someone else did it way before us?

What am I missing here? Every time there's news of some 'possible' structure on Mars, a zillion heads snap back and everyone and their mother is anxious to debunk something. Why? Do you seriously think we are the end all be all? Is it the ultimate goal in life to say, "Nope. Only humans. Only us. We can do all this stuff, but no one can come before or after and claim the same."

Gimme a frakkn' break.

And it's not just about Mars and other planets in the solar system. This kind of thinking is in Archaeology as well. There's just no way North America was inhabited by advanced cultures prior to those rigid, scholarly timelines that someone pulled out of their ass ... people have lost jobs trying to prove otherwise.

People with proof.

So, academia has no problem telling us how old our species is and just about when we got smart enough to build homes and learn the alphabet. It's like moving into an old house and saying NO ONE lived there before you. Even if there were ten other families prior to yours, inhabiting the place.

It's called denial. It's called 'ulterior' motives. It's called, "Some people just want a paycheck and don't need the trouble." It's called, "The people aren't ready for the truth," and it's called "People are just as dumb as we say they are."

The facts are this: The world is old. Really, truly, very old. And us? Well, we've been evolving for a very, very long time. Just look at all the different versions prior to the ipod listening, blackberry typing, bathing ape wearing versions we've become. It took us a long, long time to go up and down the evolutionary ladder. Things happened. We rose and we fell. We told tales about it. Then our children came along and forgot those tales. Then our great, great, great grandchildren came along and forgot us all together.

And now…now we are a society divided between those who know and those who pretend to know. Most of what we learn is from those who pretend to know, and the only way the rest of us are ever going to know the truth is to get off the high horse and start looking.

Carl Sagan knew that science was an important thing for the average person to try and comprehend. I can only agree, because the less we know, the less likely we are to tell the academic fabricators to stuff it. Besides, how much fun would it be to wake up in the morning knowing you can piss people off for the sake of truth, justice and enlightenment?

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