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Why the Vatican Believes in UFOs

Recently, ---well actually, this is old news but for some reason it is often in the media and everyone acts as if it's brand spanking new---Fox News got a huge kick out of reporting on the Vatican's acceptance of the probability of the existence of UFO's. Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes the director at the Vatican Observatory has been talking about the acceptance of extraterrestrials into Gods great plan for a few years now.

Funes believes the existence of ET's could mean, "many philosophical and theological implications," and he's right. Right now we have a TV show about Reptilian (Serpents, ahem) Aliens, using devotion as a means of controlling the human race. This runs directly parallel with the belief that an anti-Christ will fool the people into thinking he is the savior. Science Fiction has been feeding this sort of propaganda to us for decades. It just seems cooler with the spaceships included.

What the Vatican believes and what the Vatican puts forth for its devoted followers is the Vatican's business, but having been raised a Catholic and perhaps forced to swallow some pretty ridiculous religious doctrines, I can't help but wonder if the Vatican isn't trying to cover its holy ass. First, let me just say the Vatican Observatory is no flash in the pants. These are scholars doing some great Astronomical research. It's a great place for science and religion to bump heads for a better understanding of the universe without the prejudice of belief.

I am not knocking the Vatican's attempt to enrich science or to enhance the beliefs of its religious devotees by showing that perhaps God is a master scientist with a lab as vast as the universe. Whatever. But I can't help but wonder if this isn't all a way of saying, "We KNOW something else is out there, and we just want to be prepared for when it arrives." The reason I think this may be the case all falls back on a teeny, tiny incident from 1917 in which a UFO and a small girl visited three children in Fatima, Portugal.

The incident at Fatima was twisted to resemble a religious experience, when infact witnesses to the event reported something else entirely. From a shiny disc in the sky (Miracle of the Sun), to a young girl (Not a woman) with an unearthly appearance (Our Lady Of The Olives). It's as if the Vatican knew all along what went down in Fatima and has been trying to find its own answers. But such a huge organization can go on so long studying UFO's before people start asking questions. So why not make it all seem like it's an endeavor in the name of science?

I'm not saying there is anything sinister about the Vatican's sudden interest in Extraterrestrial life. No. What I am saying however is the Vatican is actively seeking answers and they are not doing it because Science Fiction books are on the shelves next to old biblical manuscripts, and they are not doing it because spaceships over Italy looks cool on postcards. They certainly aren't doing it to get attention. I think they are honestly, and truly trying to find the answers to a mystery that is perplexing to them for some reason.

The event at Fatima involved three children and three secrets. If you think about it, the three secrets aren't 'secrets' at all. They're also the kinds of things a particular church would conjure just to get more followers. First secret: Hell. You will go there if you are bad. Second secret: Become a Roman Catholic. (Oh yeah, and the consecration of Russia). Third secret: (It took them years to share this one,but) The Pope's death? Really? The first two secrets are in no way related to the last. It makes no sense at all and makes one think whether those three 'secrets' are the actual, honest-to-goodness secrets.

Let's say Mary did appear to those three children---why not say something meaningful? Why not warn us about 9/11? Or, the JFK assassination. Or MLK's assassination? These are the things that have shaped us as a people. The things that mean something. Not thinking about burning, aching death at the depths of the fabled hell. Not converting everyone to Roman Catholicism. Not an 'attempt' at Pope John Paul's life. The man lived! There's just something missing about all this.

There is no doubt something went down at Fatima, Portugal. There is no doubt the Vatican is deeply interested in the mysteries of the Universe and what may transpire should the Battlestar Galactica land on the White House lawn. But seriously, how many 'Hail Mary's' or 'Our Father's' does a girl have to do to get some truth? Should ET's ever arrive with guns blazing, I am going to be the first one storming the seat of Saint Peter if the Vatican issues a statement to the effect of, " We saw this coming! Join us and you shall be saved!"


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