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Of Gods and Monsters ... and the Things Unknown

Two weeks ago, on a Monday night to be exact, I was almost abducted by Aliens. I learned two things. Two things I always knew and two things I always considered: The weaker you are, the better. Because your free will is your power. And secondly, if you have no faith in anything, you are, in a word, f*cked.

It has taken some years, through trial and tribulation and catching up on all the latest literature, from the ufologists and the scientists and all that's in between to make me come to the conclusion that extraterrestrials are evil. They are the demons of yore. They are the fallen that have the power to traverse worlds but have no world of their own.

The last thing I need is for anyone to read about my experience and turn it into some hokey, eye opening, divine experience with our space brothers, because they are not my brothers. They are no one's brothers. They are nothing nice, good, kind, or well meaning. They are evil incarnate. They feed on fear and sickness and weakness and they are cowards.

I was having severe back and chest pain. I was certain I would end up in the hospital again. A victim of a collapsed lung. But I didn't go to the hospital. Instead I figured, 'Hey, if I am gonna die, today will be the day.' I was already fed up with everything. My will was weak.

I went to bed.

It began with the sound of things dropping. From random corners of my room, what sounded like change kept falling to the floor. Over and over, in some practiced rhythm. I knew something was in my room. I knew someone was in my room.

I tried to lull myself to sleep with The Lord's Prayer. I even envisioned myself surrounded by white light. Two things that had worked for me in the past. But none of them had the power to contain or repel whatever was there.

I was lying on my back and decided to turn on my right since I could barely catch my breath and the pain of breathing was bordering on unbearable. When I did this, my left ear buzzed. I was picking up on a frequency that was making me nauseous.

I tried to turn over on left. My left ear stopped buzzing but my right ear picked up on the same unnerving frequency. My right side hurt every time I took a breath, so I lay flat on my back.

And that's when it began.

The buzzing throughout my body, followed by the paralysis. And finally the sensation that I was being lifted off of my bed. My heart and my head and my lower intestines felt as if I was floating in nothingness. The rest of my body followed.

Just as soon as I felt my shoulders and then knees and then back lifting from my bed, I began to wiggle as best as I could. Begging, in my head for GOD (whoever or whatever he/she was) to not forsake me. To keep me here. To not let the evil in my room take me.

I had visions of past events. Of laying on a cold, metal slab in a dark room while in the distance a dark figure stood in a lit doorway. I recounted the countless times as a child I saw the tiny figures of 'things' climbing my bed, pulling at my bed sheets.

I did not want this. Not now. Not anymore. I just... I wanted to be normal. For once.

I felt my back against my bed. I the buzzing subsided, but it did not cease. What ever was trying to take me was not gone. Just pulling back. And just when I settled on my right side and with my heart pounding in my ears, attempted to return to sleep, something barked, LOUDLY, right by my head.

It wasn't exactly a dogs bark. It was the bark of something that could not speak. Something I had seen before. Something with arms and legs and a head. Something not quite human.

And then it was gone.

Was it my lack of will that called them? Was it my sudden faith in the omniscient presence of God that sent them away? Whatever the answers, I don't have them. All I know is I was almost abducted by aliens a few weeks ago, and they better not come back.

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