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The Blue Light Phenomena

It happened over ten years ago. The memory isn’t quite as vivid. When I close my eyes, it looks more like old celluloid...grainy and sepia toned. But, it happened just as I remember it. Even if people will say that you never remember anything the way it actually happened. But I know I do because I had witnesses.

A family friend was killed right around the corner from our house. He was found dead in his car, with a gunshot wound to the head. As urban legend would have it, he was smiling.

We never found out who did it. He was like an uncle to me. He was like an uncle to us all, so that night, ten years ago, I lay in my bed against the window as my sister and brother fought over the covers on the top bunk they shared regularly (because both of them were too chicken to sleep on the bottom); We decided to tempt the unknown.

“If you tell us who killed you, we’ll go to the cops,” we whispered into the dark. We grew up in that house and its history of strange noises, apparitions, phantom footprints and ghost lights had prepared us for moments like these. We knew how to get ‘them’ to listen. We lay there for sometime, rephrasing questions and asking for signs, and then we grew weary and gave up all together.

No one can ever tell me that the universe doesn’t have a sense of humor. An Ufologist can sit in a field for hours, expecting a UFO to land and get nothing, only to find out a week later that said UFO showed up after he/she left. A ghost hunter can sit in a haunted broom closet with a camera and audio recorder, and never hear or see a thing until he/she is miles from the site, at home, going through their findings days later.

I should have known this. I should have known that when we gave up, things were just getting started ... and they did. Our room was attached to my mom's and the only thing separating us was an old door. That particular door was always stuck, thanks to the carpet that I swear had been there since I was a baby (but that’s another story). Opening that door was never a simple task, which is why my mother never closed it, but on that night, because of our incessant chatter, she did.

The old, heavy door that took everything you had to get it to open, swung open with ease, as if it were rolling on wheels, and from it issued forth a blue/white light so bright it hit the wall and blinded the three of us as we sat up in our beds.

I was transfixed as my brother yelped and my sister pleaded with me to turn on the light. But I was frozen. I couldn’t move. I wanted to see what was coming, but then an overwhelming sense of dread overcame me and before I knew it, I was out of my bed and flipping the light switch.

The door was shut. Completely shut. No sound. No light. Nothing.

We screamed. My mother made not one, not two, but four attempts to open the door from the other side! This was a door that only moments ago was swinging open with ease, and yet it took her three minutes, and considerable body weight to open.

I could stay on the subject of that door for hours, but after all these years, it’s not what amazes me. What amazes me still is what I called THE BLUE LIGHT PHENOMENA. The odd light we witnessed that night has been witnessed across the world at various haunted sights and UFO sightings. What is it? Why Blue? Why not all encompassing white? Or Red? Or…magenta?

People who’ve claimed to have NDE (Near Death Experiences), have reported incidences of the blue light phenomena. A piercing, yet calm, blue light with white interspersed; a color so familiar, yet at the same time, so unfathomable, it’s unlike any color you’ve ever seen before.

The blue light has been sighted during religious events as well…at first appearing as a dazzling white light until the witness can focus on the anomaly and realize that specks of blue can be seen radiating from within. Are blue lights the color of the electromagnetic field? Throughout history, many Native America legends have spoken of blue lights. It has also been observed that many of the areas where such sightings are most common emit strong EMF signals, such as the Ohio Serpent Mound.

It should also be noted that blue light is easily absorbed by red blood cells, and therefore blue light is used to measure blood flow in the capillaries of the Retina. The technique is known as the Blue Field Entoptoscopy. On top of that, you've got Atmospheric Light Phenomena, in which the sky appears blue because the human eye cannot process violet light.

So what would the sky look like to a species that could process violet light? And if this were possible, would they experience the BLUE LIGHT PHENOMENA? Maybe this phenomena only plagues humans solely because of our biology. Perhaps it is possible that when an ET looks at this kind of phenomena; whether it be NDE’s, ghost lights, or even Vortexes…there is no blue.

So is this solely relegated to our species because of our chemistry ... or does the entire universe see what we see?

This makes me curious even more so, because it has been concluded that blue light actually helps plants to thrive. So, plant life is susceptible to this phenomena as well. To wrap my head around it is a bit harrowing, because at first it is so simple to just assume that blue light is visible solely because that is what our eyes can process, but when you narrow it down to the types of phenomena, you can’t help but think, is this on purpose?

Are whatever’s been attempting to contact our species using blue light intentionally or are we receiving the wrong message because we can see it in blue?

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