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Under My Skin

Firstly, I do not suffer from Morgellons and honestly I am counting my blessings. From the descriptions I've found on the web, living with the idea that something is moving under your skin is horrific. No horror film could match the terror a Morgellons sufferer must feel on a daily basis.

That having been said, I have noticed that perhaps Stephen King may have been onto something in his novel INSOMNIA (1994), in which invisible insects crawl over us all, creating that phantom itch we all get.

I've had a few too many moments when I swear something is crawling on me only to look down at my arms and see nothing. Own it up to a draft or some biological explanation about human skin and the brain and whatever you will. But what if there is more to it?

In the Paranormal community, stories of phantom people, phantom animals and even phantom limbs are common place. SO why not phantom insects, or creepy crawlies? Is it possible that there are things invisible to the naked eye that for some reason or other, have brushed against us from time to time?

Some things are not visible to the naked eye. This makes me a bit suspect of so-called RODS (popularized and some say, invented, by Jose Escamilla), or Sky Fish which are usually caught on film. They appear long, cylindrical and seem to spin through the air. They appear too fast for the human eye to zone in on. This makes me wonder if they are not an actual thing that cannot be observed and so remain mostly unknown.

Imagine a life form fluttering through the air, sharing our space, but invisible to the naked eye. If they have a physical form, they may, on occasion bump into us. Or even settle on our skin like flies. Only when we acknowledge them do they speed off again.

I don't see how Science cannot support the possible existence of some unknown insect that is constantly in motion and probably comprised of a thin, almost see-through body that helps it to blend into its surroundings.

Thinking more on this makes me wonder about all the peripheral flashes many of us experience. Something whizzes passed but once we actually give the phenomena our full-on attention, it's too late. Flashes of light, dark flashes. Thinking you've seen a bug or a rodent skitter passed your line of vision only to have no physical proof.

Phantom itches shouldn't be owned up entirely to phobias or mental illness. There could very well be something just brushing the surface of our still, steady existence. Something we've never observed or given any thought to could be inhabiting the very air we breath. Invisible bugs could be setting down on your skin right now and you wouldn't even know it.

But I can guarantee you've felt it.

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