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Suspension of Disbelief

There is something wrong with the world.

It's not like you haven't noticed. For hundreds of thousands of years, our species has believed in a higher power. It didn't matter if this being/force/presence inhabited the form of a goat/ark/messiah…it just was. And yet, no one thinks there is something behind this---a deception.

And I am not talking about God.

Last night most of my family attended a Mass at St. Patrick's church. It was An Evening With Our Lady Of Medjugorje. I was invited, but I chose to hang out at a party instead. I just couldn't fathom people gathering to hear prophecies given to children, by some floating woman.

A floating woman came to some kids in Fatima, Portugal too.

Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking? What's up with floating, holy, transparent (although the image of Our Lady Of The Olives , that the Catholic Church has popularized isn't anywhere close to what the children of Fatima REALLY saw), women visiting kids on country-sides and telling them secrets?

My family went and had their faith restored/tested/proven and I was still left thinking about all the religious events around the world that are all similar and are all supposed to make us believe again. Believe in what? The floating lady of prophecy?

It sure doesn't make you want to believe in God.

The deception I'm trying to express is simply, how are statues crying blood, children speaking to floating woman who do not speak with their mouths and may or may not be projections (which I won't even get into), false prophets calling down UFO's, People bleeding from their orifices in the way of Jesus and holy relics supposed to MAKE ME BELIEVE IN GOD?

There was a time when God pulled bigger and better shit to get your attention. He flooded continents, turned rivers to blood, turned people to dust and salt, helped a little boy slew a giant…created the whole damn universe. Made humans out of dust!

Has God lost his mojo, or are we confused as to just who or what is trying to get our attention? Are we being courted by God---any God, when images of Jesus show up on a burnt piece of toast, or something else that knows just how gullible, pathetic and downright stupid we can be when it comes to faith?

Slowly but surely, events all around the world are stirring people up and the same people who gather to stare at the image of Jesus in the maple tree on main street in somewhere, America, really need to dunk their heads in a bucket of cold water.

If you are willing to believe in all the stupid things there is for a person to believe in a day, then pick up a Bible. Show me you know what you're looking at the next time some strange apparition appears in a field of Cows and starts lamenting about the end of the world.

Read a passage or two. I'm sure there's something in their about a great deception that is going to sucker the whole world into believing in something that isn't God. No matter what god you believe in. I am not religious. I consider myself spiritual to an extent and I don't see Jesus in a raisin. Sorry, I'm too busy trying to find God in his old neighborhood, pulling the big shit that used to get our attention.

UFO's are passing overhead in great numbers in countries that believe in things greater than man. The people who live by what they deem the WORD OF GOD are quaking in their boots at the state of the world. I see them. They come into my job all the time, spewing end-of-the-world prophecies, word for word .

I used to think they were crazy. But you know who's really crazy? The people who find God in piece of chocolate! Those people scare me. If there is ANY truth to the belief that the Anti-Christ (or some vile alien race, or bored fallen angels or vampire chicks from Zeta Reticuli), is going to con the whole world, and if things do go down in some biblical prophecy cum Hollywood manner, I'm siding with the homeless guy with an encyclopedic knowledge of THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS.

The rest of you are on your own.

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