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Witches Among Us

Recently, Mac Tonnies has been making the rounds with his crypto-terrestrial hypothesis. Personally, this doesnít unsubstantiate the presence of ETís. On the contrary, it opens up a whole can of worms regarding what John Keel referred to as the "Incomprehensibles" (The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings-John Keel, 2002).

In the deepest recesses of time and memory, did there exist creatures from other dimensions, or underground from whence all myth and legend came? And if so, maybe Mac Tonnies is just reminding us that our misbegotten neighbors are still around, and perhaps still up to their old tricks.

What makes me consider how odd the whole idea of such beings still existing is the fact that we seem to have grown up and out of the cradle as a civilization. We donít believe in monsters anymore. As life would have it, the things you donít believe in tend to carry no power. So, if we donít believe in them, and we donít really care for them, then why are they still around?

Day after day people encounter hairy, giant beasts in the forest. Others still report sea creatures of immeasurable size and unknowable means of survival. Others proclaim to know where faeries dwell, or when ghosts will appear.

I wonít even try to tackle all of that now, today...and in this article, so I will stick to one thing: The Witch. Do I believe in witches? Hard to say. I come from a family whose superstition supercedes the need for religion. My grandmother has been telling me tales since I was in diapers.

The Witch of the modern era is neither this nor that. As a kid, it was apparent that any old lady with a few too many moles and sickly pallor was a witch. We all grew up thinking witches had to be green faced, clad in black and over seventy.

But the witch of antiquity, now she was a sight to behold. She was neither ugly, nor old. In fact, she was all powerful in the ways of magic and prowess. The witch was the original doctor. She was the original village counsel. She was the original chick on the block with just enough girl power to make the men want to revolt. And they did...hence the Rise of the Patriarchy. Back when god was a woman, the witch was queen.

Alas, those days are gone. Most of that part of ancient history has been carefully misplaced, rewritten or just plain forgotten. And so it is with a weary heart and a fierce tongue that women to this day have gone about the academic world trying to erase the image of the green-faced hobgoblin, without much success.

So, if the monstrous women of power, so frightful to behold that children cowered in their beds, never existed, what are people seeing then? Sightings of witches have been in abundance in Mexico. They fit the Hollywood/Disney archetype to a ĎTí.

Running through the many descriptions I couldnít help but be reminded of Andrew Collins book THE ASHES OF ANGELS, in which he talks in depth about a race of watchers who wore feathered coats and were later glorified as having wings. They were supposedly the progenitors of great races of people, and it makes me wonder if these flying demon women and these Ďangelsí arenít one and the same.

What if the monsters of old are making their way back into human consciousness? Why else would a cop with a clean record and five years of service on the force be seeing two witches flying about in rural Mexico?

The Mexican Witch has its roots in the time of the Aztecs so this is not some modern invention. Weíre talking about a belief in a being that spans hundreds of years...maybe even thousands. And yet, the witch of Mexico is also tied with the great owlóso uncanny that it should also serve to remind me of the MOTHMAN.

Now weíre getting somewhere. Winged creatures of lore making the rounds on the 7 oíclock news...now thatís entertainment. In may of 2006, a video surfaced of a black form on a broomstick. Yes...a broomstick. (Silence.)

The most intriguing part about this broom-riding entity is the fact that the witness described it/her as wearing feathers. Another commonality is red eyes. Again, harking back to the Mothman.

I have always been of the belief that every story starts somewhere and this is no different. Coincidence after coincidence leads me to deduce that some creature...something is making its presence known. Why now, and why in certain places? Who knows.

Some may argue that it has to do with beliefóthat things like this happen mostly in religious communities, but what has always annoyed me about that idea is why canít it be the other way around: Maybe these things purposefully stake out religious communities.

And, even stranger still--- what if the ugly, crone-like witch was never a confabulation at all? What if she was never the product of the overactive imagination of some zealot with a mommy complex? What if the witch, as we have come to know her...has always existed, perhaps in the shadows, but always...true to form?

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