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If it Walks like a Man,
Then it Must be an Ape with a Nice Haircut

There's this bit in the Bible that says humanity will judge the angels. This comes from the same book men died over and fought over and built this country under and motivated the sciences because of. And yet, these same men didn't get it. In fact, these very men (I say men because they're the ones who made it into the history books) are the ones who have conditioned a majority of the world not to separate humanity from our supposed innate animal side.

It's a glitch in the mainframe that is confusing for two reasons: It gives some people a reason to act out and to do stupid things they know are wrong, but they can easily own up to the fact that “Humans are just animals, anyway,” and, it makes those of us who know there is something better on the horizon question the validity since we're just hooked on a feeling.

An innate, instinctive feeling. But a feeling nonetheless.

Saying we're no different than the animals is why someone like Casey Anthony can get away with not reporting her daughter missing for over a month. It's the reason people kill and walk away thinking it's justified. It's as if we live in a eternal struggle to see who will survive the race of the food chain, like lions in the African tundra. Stupid. Senseless. But oh yeah, it's because we're upright, talking, walking, thinking, hairless apes. I forgot.

I often wonder if some time ago (way, way, back when men were riding around town on the backs of dinosaurs),someone got us confused with someone (something) else. Surely there has to be some humanoid out there who is pretty much an animal. Maybe it's all a case of mistaken identity. I mean, they say a werewolf entered the Olympics. Maybe it's his fault.

Or, maybe we can blame all this on Bigfoot. After all he never shaves. He smells. He plays with trees. He can't talk. He eats animals. Raw. He's the perfect humanoid who is essentially an animal. Maybe he's the culprit.

Or maybe it's none of those things. Maybe it's just a lie or worse a case of misidentified intellectual pursuits, from some guys who thought they were the end all be all. If there's anything we know it's that men who think like that pretty much screw everyone else over. We've been screwed over since the Portuguese thought it was cool to trade slaves, the Spanish thought it was cool to annihilate the pyramid building natives, the pilgrims decided to scratch an itch across the ocean and spread it to the indigenous population. On and on, the bigger guy comes in and screws everything up for the little guy.

So maybe the same thing happened to us. Some believe in aliens. Some believe in gods. I believe some high and mighty beings with a bad sense of direction and a bad case of boredom decided they wanted to be special. Perhaps they wanted to be as special as we once were. And how does the bully make him/herself special? They dominate and oppress the perceived weaker person.

So once upon a time, we were awesome. So awesome that maybe we didn't think about wars or fighting one another. There is proof to support this. Look at the lost Harappan Civilization of the Indus valley. They disappeared and left behind proof of two things, they were clean and they were neat. They didn't have armies. They didn't duke it out with anyone. They were, dare I say it, civilized.

The Sumerians came up way too fast in the 'hookt on fonix werkt fer me' department. Supposedly they went from banging rocks to writing full sentences. The scholarship behind such a theory is good, but it does nothing in the face of explaining how the Sumerians went from being Steve Rogers to Captain America in such a limited amount of time. It's your classic case of the Prime Directive being thrown out the window in favor of world domination.

This entire subject is why I am interested in Raymond Tallis' book Aping Mankind: Neuromania, Darwinitis and the Misrepresentation of Humanity (Acumen Pub Ltd). The book isn't available until August, but it can be preordered at Amazon(dot)com. In its pages, Tallis argues that we've all been duped into accepting that we are just animals and therefore prone to behavior that ensures that none of us are unique and worst of all, none of us are special.

The 416 page hardcover shines a light on what's wrong with Biologism. It is much needed summer reading in this day and age when Scientists will freely conjure ideas of a future inhabited by human-like machines; machines that will do great things and yet, no one expects the same from humanity.

Our ideas of the ultimate being is essentially the very person we all aspire to be and yet here we are, some two thousand and eleven years after a certain event and we all fail to not only see who we are, but who we will become. More than human perhaps, but still human, all the same.

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