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Is the Grim Reaper an Extraterrestrial?

In 1284 (although the year and the events therein are open to speculation), the children of Hamelin, Germany followed a mysterious figure playing a musical pipe and dressed in multi-colored clothing to their death. It is a story as old as any popular Grimm tale but far more mysterious because of the belief that it describes actual events. People will disagree on when it happened, how and why, but one thing often remains the same: The idea that the Pied Piper was none other than the Grim Reaper himself.

The Grim Reaper, or Death as we have come to know him carries a Scythe and lurks in the outer most edges of Mortality; donning a long, dark hooded cloak. Often times skeletal in appearance. Where and when this image of Death came to be is just as much a point of interest as the role Death plays in many ancient disasters. The fact is the Grim Reaper is considered a sentient being...an entity that has actually been seen prior to catastrophic events.

During The Black Death (a plague that was said to have started with an infestation of Rats), eye witnesses claimed that a being in a dark cloak, carrying a scythe (that seemed to emit a poisonous gas of some sort) could be seen just outside the towns border. In fact, throughout Asia and Europe--- just as the plague was spreading, reports of Grim Reaper-type beings were making the rounds.

You can own it up to hysteria that comes with sickness, but you can't hide the fact that these reports include a Scythe-like object that emitted a noxious gas that could be seen/smelled for miles. What we have here is an old account of Bioterrorism. It is believed that the current picture of the Grim Reaper began during The Black Death and gained ground as more and more reports were made of Dark Cloaked beings emitting strange gases over crops and at the outskirts of small villages.

What's more is the early depictions of the Grim Reaper in popular works of art depict a spindly creature who may have been mistaken for a skeleton because of its tall and gangely, almost unearthly appearance. The description is almost reminiscent of Insectoid E.B.E.'s and to venture even further, the Reaper was once depicted (by the Greeks) as a winged being. One capable of flight.

Odder still is the belief (in some cultures) that Death is a Female.

In Modern Ufology Extraterrestrial Entities are synonymous with events that have shaped and defined humanity. Whether you choose to believe or accept such notions is up to you but it doesn't change the fact that Abductees speak candidly about 'End-of-the-World' events and how we will be affected. We are told that 'they' will save us, or that 'they' will help us to save ourselves. There are reports of UFO's hovering over Nuclear reactors. Ufo's and strange beings have been sighted in war torn areas and other places that may have something to do with global conflict.

In essence, we are given an insight into our inevitable demise and then...hope. Hope that we will be saved.

Or even worthy of saving.

So what is meant by these 'alien' entities who have come to bring death and destruction in their wake? They appear to be agents of doom acting on their own. They don't come in large numbers. Often times they are an army of one. And what is the role of the Grim Reaper? To kill? To take a life or to transport the soul to its next destination? What's more is the power bestowed upon such entities via human suffering. In the Bible, Death rides a pale horse and is an agent of sorts.

In Mexico, the least likely of saviors to thousands of poor Mexicans is Santa Muerte. "Saint Death". Not officially recognized by the Catholic Church, Santa Muerte resembles the Grim Reaper in every aspect but that is where the similarity ends. Santa Muerte may have derived from early Aztec beliefs and the veneration of Death. Santa Muerte is often depicted as a woman. This leads us back, in a complete circle to older traditions of Death/Grim Reaper as a feminine entity. Although honestly, I have never really associated Extraterrestrials as beings of any gender. They, in my opinion, are sexless.

The worship of Santa Muerte is considered occultish in nature. The veneration of Saint Death is deemed heretical and whereas the Grim Reaper carries a Scythe, Santa Muerte carries a Scythe AND A GLOBE. It is a symbol of Power over the whole of the earth. Dominion over terra firma. This being holds the world in her hands like it is a prize.

The fact that a being that represents the end of life so closely relates to old tales of cloaked beings bringing death in such strange and unlikely ways for the time in which they were witnessed...this is what intrigues me about the Grim Reaper mythology. We cannot see this as some modern invention, like Santa Claus.

Death to some is a finality. An end. To be judge, jury and executioner is a job given to those things we deem improbable. They are mythic beings spawned from the imaginations of the sick and the dying. In our modern world, the only place for the Grim Reaper is on our arms as tattoos, or in our entertainment. We do not fear the world the way our ancestors did. Our monsters no longer come to us in Dark Cloaks, swinging scythes and wiping out villages with mysterious mists.

Instead our monsters come to us in Spaceships.

Perhaps me they are one and the same.

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