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"We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach." -Stephen Hawking

Hollywood has done its fair share of introducing the masses to the possibilities that come with an alien invasion. We've all seen Will Smith punch a squid-like/grey alien in the face after its fleet attacks the Earth. We've seen Tom Cruise shield his two children from an invading species that eventually dies out from sheer stupidity (I guess aliens can flunk biology too). If that's not enough to make us paranoid, there'd Arnold trying to outsmart the Predator, and later on, the Predators trying to round up and defeat the Alien. It all leads us to one conclusion: Alien visitation is bad. For all of us.

For those drinking the lemonade, and prescribing to the theory that Extraterrestrial visitors are our saviors, I can't exactly say you're wrong. Because I'm starting to think that as smart as Stephen Hawking is and as much sense as the man makes, no one's looking at the bigger picture. I don't doubt that there may be scary aliens out there, living on ships, while watching their resources dwindle and planning some next evasive maneuver to keep their lot from going extinct. But I do doubt whether the teams of UFO's hovering just above our atmosphere are doing the same.

Let's say the Universe does have a few baddies, well wouldn't universal law dictate that there's got to be an equal amount of goodies? Okay, maybe the math is not THAT precise, but I am willing to consider that perhaps our creepy/sneaky little friends orbiting our planet are more like protectors. Yeah, I know how it sounds, but you have to consider the fact that had they wanted this planet---hell, they would have had it already. They've got the technology to take what they want, and yet, if our ancient records from the annals of our ancestral tree are to be believed, they've been around for a very long time and never tried to invade? Huh? What? Really?

Okay, yeah...we all know about that incident with the human sacrifices and Kukulkan and what not, but I'd like to own all of that--- plus the Sumerian texts of overbearing space gods--- up to sheer human stupidity. Yes, these same people could build pyramids but they were poor judges of character.  And maybe they were scared. Maybe Kukulkan and his peeps had some major, massive manpower. Maybe they had weapons of mass 'ancient' destruction. Maybe our ancestors had to bow down and worship, or die. But that kind of lifestyle didn't last long. Somewhere along the line, the  ancient evil gods who drink blood up and left.

Maybe they were outsmarted or outnumbered by another group who weren't so into kinky worship. 

So how does this even remotely reflect on the mindset of the beings in their spaceships, hovering ominously overhead, waiting for what we do not know? It says that they have an entirely different agenda in mind. If they wanted the planet they could have taken it back before the written word and pretty much reshaped history. We would all be hybrids now. Or worse, humanity wouldn't exist at all. This would be a planet of greys/nordics/ reptilians (whatever species you believe we're dealing with). 

Instead, here we are watching American Idol and sipping on soy latte's and discussing the finer points of Angelina Jolie's philanthropy. And up above,  they are still looming. So, there is no doubt that they are there. They are legion, by the looks of NASA footage. They are whizzing passed one another at speeds too fast for us to replicate. They are landing periodically or doing god knows what, before heading back to their perch. They are like angels in that way. Like transient messengers, flitting back and forth but never stationary. 

Then there are the 'other' things. The massive ships in deep space that seem to be sitting and waiting. There's documentation out there. Images from telescopes. Some amateur. Some not. To tell you the truth, where the footage comes from doesn't matter. That it exists should. Because these other 'visitors' are keeping a distance. They are like Rama heading for rendezvous. With whom or what, we may never know. But if Hawking's warning is to be taken seriously, we have to consider that these massive ships are not there for decoration.

Firstly, they're massive. Massive ships imply longer distances from home. They imply years spent travelling through space. A massive ship says, " We are many and we are too far away from home." Or worse, "We have no home. So we're just gonna take yours!" What's worse than massive ships? How about massive ships that look like something out of a nightmare? I'm talking odd elliptical things or things with things on top of things. Weird shapes too hard to comprehend, because we were brought up to believe spaceships should look fancy and sleek and aerodynamic. 

But in truth, if you want to blend in, you don't build beautiful, eye catching ships. You build grotesque things that resemble asteroids or planets or whatever else dwells in the ether. The massive ships in deep space are not pretty. They defy convention. Our convention. From our perspective, the ship is a personification of the beings that live in it. An ugly ship means ugly, creepy crawly tentacled Cthulhu. Ugly, massive ship does not mean beautiful aliens who ride on translucent steeds.

The fact that we've gone on for so long without epic monster intervention says alot. It says someone or something has kept the big bad at bay. Who or what, none of us is qualified to say, but it wouldn't surprise me, with my warped love of all things Science Fiction, to discover that we have our own Galactic police, keeping us safe from whatever else dwells in the vast, deep darkness of space. But then again, they could just be the lackeys who show up to check out the place and keep its spoils safe for the big boss.

All of this conjecture is a lot to take in. Some may find themselves wondering why Hawking would go so far as to admit there's alien life, only to warn us of the implications. As I am writing this, emails are circulating, and the words 'disinformation agent' are becoming the by-line of what could be a mans innocent plea for us all to stop living in a fantasy world and man/woman-up! But look at our current entertainment feeds.The re-imagined 'V' deals with the trials and tripped-up tribulations of humans going against an armada of reptilian invaders.

We've never seen a show, aside from the comedy "3rd Rock From The Sun" where the aliens are benevolent and just want to blend in. That doesn't mean we don't have a few undercover E.B.E.'s walking among us. And yes, this comes courtesy of another set of emails invading my inbox of late. On April 28th, NASA celebrated 50 years of Astrobiology research by asking a team of experts what they think, which in truth, no one actually cares about, since the experts always say the opposite of what they think.

So where does this leave us average Joe's and Jane's who are curious about the universe in which we live, and yet optimistic that no matter what evils we can conjure in our minds, maybe the world isn't as bad as we hype it up to be? How should we take any of this information and apply it to what we know? Do we even know enough to speculate so much and so articulately, as if spacemen are living in our basements and paying half the rent in exchange for secrets about their technology and biology? Should we heed Stephen Hawking's warning when he sends it off by reminding us that the Aliens he believes in are bacterium (space spores) that can give you mean dysentery but can't levitate your car off the ground and drop you a couple hundred feet away? If you ask me I'll tell you that regardless of what Stephen Hawking, The Vatican, other Scientists, Ufologists or the Media has to say, we should be afraid.  Be very afraid. Because we live in a massive universe teaming with all sorts of unknowns. And it's the unknown that is the greatest threat of all. 

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